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2019’s Fall Favorite Shoes

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By: KURU Footwear

Key Takeaways

  • Fall 2019 fashion colors include neutrals, leafy tones, and bold colors like rose, orchid, navy blue, and cerulean. This year’s color palette is unisex, allowing for more expression and fun in choosing what to wear.
  • KURU offers a range of fall-colored shoes for both men and women, including the LUNA boot, the CHICANE, and the KIVI. These shoes are designed to be comfortable and supportive, with arch support and cushioning technology.
  • KURU’s shoes are suitable for a range of activities and provide support, comfort, and style for the feet. With the brand’s insoles, users can enjoy autumn activities without worrying about foot troubles.

Favorite Fall Colors: Do Autumn Right With These Fall-Colored Shoes. Find out what styles are hot during this year’s cool weather season.

Autumn. A time for stepping on crispy leaves, sipping on warm drinks, and finally getting the chance to wear your favorite cozy accessories. As you navigate your way through this pumpkin-spice soaked time of year, it can bring back fond memories of picking pumpkins, gobbling turkeys, and running through corn mazes. And while you are taking a stroll down nostalgia lane, or downtown to meet up with some friends, you can really get into the autumn mood with some of KURU’s fall-colored styles.

2019 brings a new and interesting color palette in the fashion arena. There are familiar neutrals and leafy tones of yellow and red. But this year, designers have brought out bold colors to give their styles a fun pop. The mixture of neutrals and bolds also presents an unusual circumstance: a unisex color palette. We live in a time when we no longer need separate color palettes for men and women, but popular colors can be worn by everyone. That allows for more expression and fun when deciding on what to pull out of the wardrobe this season. The Fall 2019 palette is rooted in multi-faceted, androgynous colors that can be worn to portray effortless sophistication across men’s and women’s fashion. The bright colors may also “warm-up” your mood in some of the colder temperatures.

The autumn seasonal colors for 2019 have the usual warm brown, herb green, sage, red, warm orange, and golden yellow. But they also have new ones like “rose” (a friendly pink hue), orchid (similar to lilac or lavender), navy blue, and cerulean. We have collected fall favorites for this time of year made to flatter both Men’s and Women’s unique looks. Below you will find shoes that look great without sacrificing comfort.


The women’s LUNA boot is our take on the classic Chelsea boot. This slip-on style is a go-anywhere ankle boot in the most luxurious autumn colors of rich walnut brown and jet black. The same comfortable technology and support inside will keep you going from one crunchy leaf to the next.


The CHICANE is our best selling style. The color sets that you want with this style are the warmstone/jet black/mint green and the smoke gray/jet black/violet in women’s; and the smokestack black, or the mustang/mocha brown in men’s. The CHICANE knows how to get around! This style is a great choice for people who need a lot of miles out of their shoes but want something that keeps them comfortable. It is a great arch support shoe and the KURUSOLE midsole chassis can hold up to long days on your feet and still feel as good as they did at the beginning. The CHICANE style is what we consider to be the best shoes for standing.

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With the classic black men’s and women’s KIVI, your feet will remain perfectly comfortable and supported with our KURUSOLE technology.


These three styles have been grouped together because sneakers are the staple of any wardrobe, and these incredible styles can complement almost any outfit. Heel and foot arch support are in large supply with the KURUSOLE which uses space-age foams to custom mold to your unique foot shape and provides you with the perfect balance of shock absorption and support. Let us not forget that these styles also have “nature’s cushioning” with KURU’s heel support to cup your heel’s fat pad.

So are you ready to conquer autumn style? Or are you just looking for something that can look good with what you already have? Either way, KURU can keep you stylish, comfortable, and happy. With our insoles, you can remember what it means to forget your foot troubles, and enjoy this most magical autumn season.

No matter which activity you are wanting to do in your life, KURU has a shoe for you that will give you the support, comfort and style that your feet have been craving.

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