KURU Premium Shipping Protection Policy

At KURU, we want you to receive your order quickly, efficiently and in perfect condition so your feet can get and stay healthy. Sometimes incidents happen during shipping and delivery. Whether the package is snatched by porch pirates, the goods are damaged in transit, or your dog got hold of it and destroyed your new shoes, we want you to be protected. That is why we offer the KURU Premium Shipping Protection (“KPSP”). 

KPSP is automatically added to your cart during checkout and you have the option to remove it by unchecking the box. Once KPSP is removed from your order, our options become very limited and may be unable to compensate you for lost, stolen, or damaged packages.

Claims for all damaged, lost and stolen packages must be reported within 10 business days from when the shipping tracking number states “delivered” or from the last time the tracking was updated.

Please note, this policy is subject to change at KURU’s sole discretion. Please visit this page regularly for the latest version.

Effective Date: 01/23/2023

Following is what is covered under the KPSP Plan:

Lost Packages

Is your package marked as delivered, but missing? Be sure to take the following steps:

  1. Please check your front and back porch, side door, garage area, bushes and mailbox to confirm the package is not hiding. Ask your neighbors if they might have received it for you. 
  2. On the rare occasion, sometimes it can take 3 business days from when your tracking says delivered before the package arrives. As such, please wait 3 business days before taking action. Our customers have typically seen their packages appear during this time period. 
  3. If after following the above steps you are still unable to locate your package, please email gurus@kurufootwear.com or call (877) 211-5878 to submit your premium shipping protection claim.
  4. If emailing, please use the subject “LOST PACKAGE CLAIM” and include your name and order number in the body of the message along with details of your missing package.
  5. If you listed the correct address for the package during the checkout process and it was misdelivered, our shipping protection will cover a replacement order to be sent to you or a full refund (depending on product availability and KURU discretion).

Return to Sender Packages

If the delivery service is unable to deliver a package due to unexpected delivery errors, your package may be returned to KURU. If this is the case, your tracking information will state that the package is on its way back to the sender.

  1. Email gurus@kurufootwear.com or call (877) 211-5878 with the subject line “RETURN TO SENDER CLAIM”.
  2. Please include your name and order number in the body of the message along with your correct shipping address and the details of your missing package.
  3. When we receive the package, we will send it back out at no cost to you!

Order is Stuck in Customs

  1. As listed in the checkout process, the KPSP Plan does not cover international duties or fees or orders stuck in customs.
  2. You will need to pay your country’s duties and fees to receive the package.

Damaged Packages

Package appears to be damaged during transit (e.g. Ripped open, packaging tape on the outside):

  1. Email us at gurus@kurufootwear.com or call (877) 211-5878 to submit your premium shipping protection claim with the subject line “DAMAGED PACKAGE CLAIM”.
  2. Include photos of the damaged packaging and of the damaged products inside the packaging along with any other pertinent details including name and shipping address.
  3. The KPSP Plan will replace any and all damaged item(s) depending on availability, or issue a store credit or refund. 
  4. If the actual damage is limited to the packaging and/or shipping box, and not to the product/items/goods inside the package, then your order is not eligible for a claim. The KPSP only covers damage to the actual product/items inside the packaging.

Stolen Packages

Are you suspecting a pesky porch pirate stole your package?

If you have reason to believe your package was stolen:

  1. Please email gurus@kurufootwear.com or call (877) 211-5878 with the subject line “STOLEN PACKAGE CLAIM”
  2. Include your name, order number and reason you believe it was stolen.
  3. For orders more than $200, a police report must be filed. We ask that you include case number from the department in your email request.

Unprotected Risks

KURU has the sole discretion to determine if a consumer violates the terms and conditions or otherwise poses an unacceptable risk of loss, KURU may designate that order as an unprotected risk. Following proper notification of such designation, KURU may rescind the KPSP Shipping Protection from the order and any collected price paid for Premium Shipping Protection will be refunded.

Other Terms

KURU has the sole discretion to determine if a claim qualifies under this plan.

General Questions

Is there a time limit to make a claim under this protection plan?

Yes. All claims covered under the KPSP Plan (including damaged, lost and stolen packages) must be reported within 10 business days from when the tracking states “delivered” or from the last time the tracking was updated.

I didn’t want the shipping protection. Can I get a refund?

If you didn’t want to purchase our KPSP Plan and the package has NOT shipped please email gurus@kurufootwear.com or call (877) 211-5878 immediately and we will refund the shipping protection fee.

Most orders typically ship within 2-4 hours after confirmation. So please call immediately. Once an order has been shipped, refund requests for the amount paid for KPSP Shipping Protection is not available.

Please understand, orders that do not include the KPSP Plan will no longer be covered against damage, theft, or loss under this plan.

What if I shipped to the wrong address?

If your shipping address was entered incorrectly during the checkout process and the package has been shipped, please email gurus@kurufootwear.com or call (877) 211-5878 immediately to update the shipping address.

Please understand that if the shipping address is changed, it may no longer be covered under this Shipping Protection Plan and we will not be able to refund the price of the plan.

What if I place submit a claim and replacement order is lost, damaged or stolen as well?

KURU Premium Shipping Protection covers only original orders where the protection has been purchased. This means that if you purchased shipping protection and your items were lost, damaged or stolen and place a claim within 10 business days you are eligible to receive one reorder at no additional cost.

If the unfortunate event occurs where the reordered items are also lost, damaged or stolen you will need to place a new order at cost.

Does this plan cover expedited shipping paid for orders that are delayed or not delivered in the time expected?

It can definitely be frustrating when an order does not arrive as expected. Sometimes, an order takes longer to arrive even when paying for expedited shipping. Please note that the clock for expedited shipping starts after the order is remitted to our shipping courier (e.g. FedEx, UPS, etc). And expedited shipping times are BUSINESS DAYS and NOT CALENDAR DAYS.

If your expedited order is not delivered in the number of business days as promised, then the expedited shipping fees you paid are refundable under this KPSP Shipping Protection Plan.

If you have an expedited shipping order for which you want to file a claim, please email gurus@kurufootwear.com or call (877) 211-5878. Please include the subject line “EXPEDITED SHIPPING CLAIM” and your name and order number.

How long does it take to receive my replacement order or refund on a claim?

We do our best to process claims as quickly as possible. Please allow up to 3 business days for your claim to be fully processed.