Who we are

From a schoolboy’s sketches to runaway success, KURU has been powered by dreams every step of the way. And we dream big.

Our Story

At KURU we believe in the power of dreams to change lives. After all, KURU began as a dream for our founder Bret Rasmussen—who was sketching shoes and imagining his future company all the way back in the 5th grade. That elementary endeavor would bear fruit years later, as Bret launched KURU in 2008 during the economic recession. The idea was simple in concept: build a shoe designed from the ground up to relieve pain, promote a healthier posture, and unleash the joy of movement for our customers. A team of brilliant minds took the concept and added cutting edge tech and a dash of magic. The result is our revolutionary KURUSOLE, which cushions and supports your heel unlike anything else.

KURU has grown by leaps and bounds since those early days, but we’ve held on to a Scrappy and Smart mentality through it all. So while we’ve served hundreds of thousands of folks and sold about a million pairs of shoes, we still treat our customers and coworkers like family. We hope you’ll join us.



We espouse a growth mindset that improves ourselves and the company. As continuous learners we seek feedback, learn from our mistakes and obsess about changes and details that make a difference. We’re data driven and open to new perspectives so we can master our craft while embracing and driving change. Our never-ending curiosity creates self-awareness which keeps us humble.


We challenge the status quo and invent the future. Driven by a customer obsession, we create real, valuable differentiation that unleashes the potential of our people, products, customers and company. As we dream big, and achieve those dreams, we change lives.


We have fire in our belly to compete and win. Nothing’s going to stop us. Our love for a challenge makes us go-getters who consistently execute and solve tough problems. Our perseverance and bias to action means we always give it our best. We are brave and optimistic, transparent and cooperative. And we always honor one another’s humanity.


We’re self-starters who show up, lean in and get the right stuff done. We spend every second making things better—doing what matters and is meaningful. We stand accountable to our team. No excuses here. No egos to protect. When it’s our job, we do it right the first time. Which accelerates us to greatness.


We are conscientious stewards that think and act like owners. We do more with less. Which means rolling up our sleeves and being resourceful. This makes us shrewd when investing time, money and our efforts. We do what’s right for the company by balancing the long-term goals while fulfilling the short-term needs to create lasting value.

Join Us

We want to help people pursue their life’s passion, potential and purpose. And we know it can be hard to chase your dreams when your feet hurt. That's why we’re on a mission to eliminate foot pain around the world, and every shoe we sell brings us closer to that goal. Thousands of people tell us KURU has changed their lives, and these are the stories that keep us moving.