My Kuru shoes squeak, what can I do?

The major cause of squeaking is due to moisture building up. Our insoles are designed with moisture-wicking technology for maximum comfort. Sometimes, excess moisture can accumulate, especially if your foot tends to sweat a lot. Fortunately, we have some suggestions that may remedy this noise:

  1. Dry Your Insoles Between Wear - Make sure to remove and air dry your insoles to let any absorbed moisture to dry out. In addition, you can apply a light layer of talcum powder to the bottom to help absorb moisture.
  2. Re-Align the Insole - Sometimes the insole may have slipped up to one side of the footbed. Re-align the insole to ensure it is centered over the top of the midsole footbed.
  3. Replacement Insoles - We're also happy to send you a free pair of fresh insoles! In most cases, a new pair of insoles will make the squeaking go away.

If the squeaking persists, your shoes may have a manufacturer's defect. If air drying or even replacement insoles doesn't solve the problem, we suggest submitting a warranty request or reaching out to our KURU Gurus for help.

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