Shoe Inserts for Exceptional Foot Support?

Everyone deserves to have the high quality support of shoe inserts in their shoes. The problem with shoe inserts is you only have two options. One option is high price aftermarket shoe inserts that weren't designed to fit your shoes - this is why you have to "trim them to fit". Your second option is even more expensive. You could get custom molded shoe inserts from your podiatrist.

The proven benefits of shoe inserts are numerous, including improved arch support, and reduced heel pain. Shoe inserts are especially critical for those suffering from diabetes, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and other debilitating foot issues.

The problem is most shoes come with flat, flimsy insoles that offer virtually no support. What if there was a shoe that included the proven support of a custom shoe insert, built directly into the footbed? Imagine if this shoe insert was actually shaped like your foot and further molded itself to the unique shape of your feet as you wore the shoes.

KURU Shoes

World's Most Anatomical Footwear: Shoe Inserts Included

KURU has developed a revolutionary technology called KURUSOLE™. This phenomenal technology includes a shoe insert molded directly into the midsole. We combine this shoe insert with a special sock liner footbed that custom molds to your unique foot shape. It's like a custom orthotic that changes shape for all-day comfort.

With KURU shoes, you do not need to add a separate, costly aftermarket shoe insert. It's included!


Natural Technology

This dynamic cupping action cradles your heel fat pad, helping your body naturally cushion itself. Because of the space-age materials used in the KURUSOLE™ chassis components, this proven cupping action lasts the lifetime of the shoe.

KURU Shoes vs Flat Shoes Heel Fat Pad Comparison

Podiatrists know your feet come with nature's perfect cushion. Each of us has fat pads under our heels designed to cushion our every step. This fat pad is nature's way of absorbing the impacts of each and every step.

Unfortunately, other "comfort shoes" are flat inside. This flat shape means your fat pad is flattened with every step. A flattened fat pad is not good on your body, and fights against nature's cushion.

The ideal shoe does not smash your fat pad. Instead, it cradles your heel for unprecedented comfort and support.

The innovative KURUSOLE™ footbed works with nature to keep your fat pad where it belongs.

Try it out, and see for yourself. With FREE EXCHANGES, you have nothing to lose, other than foot pain and poor supporting shoes that cost too much.

Unmatched comfort.

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Great shoes - I was trying to buy some shoes for plantar fasciitis, and picked these. I was looking for another pair because these are great. It has been about 2 years that I have tried everything I could buy from shoes inserts compassion wraps and on and on. Nothing seemed to help my pain as much as these shoes did. As of today I can walk around with no pain it is so great.

~bob the bob

The only thing that has worked! - I have tried absolutely EVERYTHING for my plantars faciitis and heel spurs: exercises, KT tape, compression socks, braces, bedtime splints, cream, inserts (custom and generic) etc. These shoes are the only thing that have made my pain bearable; the only thing that works for me!!! I am beyond grateful!!


Finally able to walk without pain!! After trying inserts, compression socks and compression sleeves, nothing seemed to help my pain. I have bone spurs and plantar fasciitis in both feet which makes working 9-10 hours a day on my feet almost impossible. My husband bought me a pair of Quantum's to try and it was the best gift ever! I'm finally able to work a full day without pain! Thanks Kuru!!


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