Shoes for Comfortable Flat Feet Support

Having flat feet can cause everyday foot pain and lead to more severe foot conditions if left unaddressed. Breakdown in the arches is painful and often requires better footwear. Shoes with the proper flat feet supports can significantly improve comfort, stability, and overall foot health.

KURU shoes offer total support for flat feet through an incredible orthotic midsole that cushions and stabilizes the foot during movement.

More support in the arch means that you get flat foot support like no other shoe.

A Dynamic Solution

KURU combines our patented KURUSOLE with a custom molding arch support. This creates a more natural shape that keeps your flat feet in a healthier position as you move.

Our revolutionary KURUSOLE works with the natural cushioning in your feet. By dynamically moving inward to cup your heels, KURUSOLE keeps your feet healthier and more cushioned.

This means your flat feet get all the support they need in all the right places. Keeping you feeling better throughout the day.

Bet your other shoes don't do that!

Unsurpassed Comfort.

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Why others love KURU

I have extremely flat feet and at age 57 I have never been without foor pain. I bought a pair of Kuru's last week and 90% of my foot pain is gone! Not 100% pain free but I have never been this close before."

~ Bill

The shoes provide sufficient arch & heel support that avoids development of plantar fascitis, since I'm flat-footed and I work on my feet for a living (massage therapist).”

~ Reginald

Very comfortable, supportive shoe, hasn't completely solved my issues, but my feet are nowhere near as sore at the end of a 9hr work day.

~ Deborah

What makes KURU better

Your feet are the foundation of your body. If you want to reduce or eliminate many of the complications that start at your feet, properly supporting this foundation is critical.

The breakthrough KURUSOLE™ orthotic technology gives you a shoe that molds to your individual foot shape. Like a finely tailored suit for your feet, KURU cushions your in all the right places for unprecedented results.

By adapting to nature, KURU shoes are a versatile and proven way to get you back to the life and activities you love. Support your foundation−naturally.

Go Open. Life.

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