The Best Shoes for Achilles Tendon Pain

Achilles tendon pain affects hundreds of thousands of people each year. This pain can seem unending, and the healing time is long. Chances are, if you are reading this, you are one of these people.

The Achilles tendon is a very flexible tendon that connects the calf muscle to the heel bone. This important tendon is flexible and allows for a whole range of movements—from standing, walking, running and jumping. Because the Achilles tendon is so important, any strain or tear can lead to serious problems.

If you are having consistent Achilles tendon pain, this is likely from overuse during routine exercise or intense physical activity. Some of these activities could include basketball or tennis where you have sudden starts, stops and changing direction.

Sudden changes in exercise intensity while failing to stretch can also cause Achilles tendon pain.

What if there was a way to help heal your Achilles tendon naturally? Imagine a solution that would not require surgery or powerful drugs.

How Shoes Help Relieve Achilles Tendon Pain

Our patented KURUSOLE™ technology offers a deep heel cup that hugs your heels in supreme comfort. Proven to transform lives, KURU shoes are quickly becoming the #1 Shoe for Heel Pain.

KURU shoes are designed to give you comfort and support to help with foot pain. KURU shoes have a very well rounded, deep heel cup that perfectly cradles your heel and Achilles tendon. This shape gives you the benefit of increased arch support with a cushioned heel. This cushioned heel is designed to help absorb shock and prevent strain on the Achilles tendon.

Your busy life demands that you spend hours standing, walking, and running on hard, flat surfaces. Your feet require comfortable shoes. By consistently wearing superior footwear like KURU, you can reduce or even eliminate Achilles tendon pain.

Ultimate Relief.

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Why others love KURU

I have suffered from foot pain for years and have tried every kind of shoe I could find to help. Kuru shoes are the first shoe that I have found that provides the comfort and support that I need to help with the pain! These are the only shoes that I will buy! Money well spent!"

~ Jeff Norris

When I wore these for the first time, it felt like I was walking on clouds. I was skeptical but desperate to relieve my foot pain and these made the pain go away. I've worn them for a year and a half now and looking to get another pair... I will continue to buy these shoes for life.

~ Eddy

I have...severe plantar fasciitis for approximately 19 years...the arch support is absolutely the best I've tried, even better than my custom orthotics, and they are still my go-to shoes for everyday use. My Kuru Chicanes have taken the place of almost every other shoe in my wardrobe.

~ Ronald

What makes KURU better

Your feet are the foundation of your body. If you want to reduce or eliminate many of the complications that start at your feet, properly supporting this foundation is critical.

The breakthrough KURUSOLE™ orthotic technology gives you a shoe that molds to your individual foot shape. Like a finely tailored suit for your feet, KURU cushions your in all the right places for unprecedented results.

By adapting to nature, KURU shoes are a versatile and proven way to get you back to the life and activities you love. Support your foundation−naturally.

Go Open. Life.

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