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How To Make Your KURU Shoes Work For You

A woman riding a pink bike on a sunny day while wearing her KURU slip-on sneakers

KURU shoes are really versatile in many ways, here are some of the ways you can make them work for you!

KURU shoes are quickly becoming the most trusted online style, and not just for plantar fasciitis. From a day at the office to a night out on the town, and to the gym, KURU has something to offer everyone.

Follow our list to help you get the most out of our already best shoes.


One of the best aspects of KURU Footwear is the completely individual fit that you get with the KURUSOLE™ technology that is built into each of our shoes. The high-tech foams that we use to make our insoles are biomechanically shaped. That means that as you use them they mold to your foot, using your foot’s own body heat. With the custom-shaped support, you get premium shock absorption and reliable arch support. Here are some positive reviews that we’ve gotten from some of our happy customers:

“Finally Made it Through the Day!”

Review by Bill (Posted on 10/9/2019)

“Plantar fasciitis basically put my activities to a halt By noon I had to slide my right foot as the pain got progressively worse. I did everything. Night splints. Hot and cold packs. Stretching exercises I Bought new shoes and sneakers that could not give me any relief until I saw an ad for KURU shoes. I bought a pair and I finally could make it through the day with the proper arch support and heel cushioning reduced my pain. Thanks, KURU.”

“The Perfect Nursing Shoe”

Review by Debi(Posted on 10/9/2019)

“I’m a nurse and spend 12-14 hours on my feet. Before Kuru, I could barely walk at the end of the day. Once I started wearing them, my feet stopped aching and 12-hour shifts were a breeze. Thanks, Kuru.”


You can literally put KURU to work for you with all of our business casual styles to match your wardrobe.

A good way to match your KURU shoes with a business casual outfit is to find a pop of color that you can accent with. This gives your whole outfit a personal touch and can bring the whole ensemble together.

Our athletic shoes are available in neutral toes as well as fun, colorful options to express your personality from the track to the yoga mat.

Need hiking shoes? We have options for the trail, too. And the office. And on the beach.

There’s absolutely something for everyone.

“So Cute With Sundresses!”

Review by Debbie (Posted on 9/11//2019)

“I recently bought my first pair. of Kuru Quantum. I suffer terribly from Plantar Fasciitis. I've taken 2 pain free aerobic classes at my gym wearing these - that's unheard of with any other shoes I've tried and I've tried many AND I took my grandsons to the zoo, walked for 7 hours and my feet were not nearly as bad as they are normally after walking half that distance. I just bought my 2nd pair, the Lucy. They are very comfortable and supportive and look cute with sundresses. I will be buying more Kuru's. Buy a pair. you won't be sorry.”

“More stylish than sneakers for work”

Review by Jenifer (Posted on 9/10//2019)

I bought a pair of Lucy for my commute to work a few months ago for my plantar fasciitis. I am typically in a suit and wanted something a little stylish instead of my sneakers. Loved the Mary Jane style. I am amazed to report that my pain is gone. So happy with my purchase. I highly recommend it.”


The versatility of KURU’s shoes does not stop at the different styles that we offer. The shoes we sell also have work in a wide range of uses. From a shoe that you can wear on your feet all day at a construction job, to a fitness sneaker that you can wear during your next workout, KURU has something for you. The orthotic-grade midsole will float you through the day with our space-age foam and make you feel like you are gliding through the day on a cloud!

“Would not buy any other shoes for work”

Review by Mary Jane (Posted on 11/7/19)

“I have been wearing KURU shoes for a couple of years now and would not buy any other shoes for work. I am a surgical tech and I am on my feet all day. I have planter fasciitis and the first day I wore them I haven't had any heel pain. I have bought a pair for home also. I would recommend these shoes for anyone who has feet problems. And they have fun colors.”

“They Have Saved Me Big Time”

Review by Tim (Posted on 9/6/19)

“Have been wearing the Quantums at work on a daily basis, and they have saved me big time. I had started a new job where I was on my feet all day, and on hard surfaces too. That created some serious pain in the bottom of my feet and caused some painful shin splints too. But, since using the Quantums on a daily basis at work, all that pain in gone, and my feet and shins a very happy, and I bought a pair of Atoms, to use at the gym now too. So far so good, with those as well. So, if you work are hard surfaces, and have pain too, give the Quantums a try, and I think they'll make your feet happy too.”


Whatever your individual style is, you can find something that will work with you and give you all the support you need. And with the amazing KURU customer service to back you up, you can feel good about getting just what you want out of your order-even if that means changing things around a bit. At KURU we are not afraid to work for you, and neither are our shoes!

Don’t forget our solid return policy. We understand buying over the internet can be filled with uncertainty, that’s why we offer free exchanges wherein we pay to ship both ways for returns and exchanges.

As long as you process the exchange or return within 45 days of the purchase, we accept them back for a full refund, different size, or even a different style. We appreciate you doing your best to keep them in like-new condition, but we do understand that the break-in period and trial can show some minor wear.

“Amazing Customer Service Experience”

Review by Michelle (Posted on 10/9/19)

“Shoutout to Kuru for the awesome customer service experience. Shoes arrived and unfortunately, they are too narrow. I sent an email explaining I need wide in the same size and I received a response and a new pair is already on the way! Now that is the type of service that deserves an A+.”

“Amazing Customer Service Experience”

Review by Brittany (Posted on 8/13/19)

“I have had a phenomenal experience with Kuru! Personally contacted me when there were issues with shipping and quickly resolved the problem! They also very easily fixed the problem when I made the mistake of ordering the wrong color! Thank you! And thank you, KURU, for your help!!!”

“Customer Service Is Outstanding”

Review by Wendy (Posted on 8/5/19)

“I have the Chicane shoes. They do a great job resolving my heel pain. Also, Kuru’s customer service is outstanding and quickly solves issues. Special thanks for solving my issue. I'll be purchasing more.”

No matter which activity you are wanting to do in your life, KURU has a shoe for you that will give you the support, comfort and style that your feet have been craving.

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