The Brainy Benefits of Exercise

The Brainy Benefits of Exercise

We all know that the benefits of exercise are a healthier body and a healthier heart. However, did you know that there are also benefits of exercise for your brain?

Usually, people work out to get thinner or more healthy, but the benefits of exercise also have a massive effect on your brain.

Decreases Depression

One of the benefits of exercise is decreased depression. This is probably not news to you. However, the way depression is lessened by exercise is because activity’s effects on the brain.

The benefits of exercise that lower depression happen because exercise stimulates the growth of neurons in certain brain regions damaged by depression.

Increases Learning Ability

The benefits of exercise spill over into our learning abilities by increasing brain chemicals called “growth factors.” These growth factors help grow new brain cells and establish connections between these cells to help us learn.

Interestingly enough, challenging activities such as dance classes or tennis provide the biggest benefits of exercise for our brains. This is because you have to think about coordination and execution. Complicated activities also increase attention and concentration skills.

Reduces Memory Loss

In 2011, a Canadian study on elderly individuals over 2-5 years showed that 90 percent of active participants were able to score just as well on cognitive and remembrance tests taken at the end of the study as they did at the beginning of the study.

Lowers Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Another benefit of exercise is that it seems to protect the hippocampus, the part of your brain that manages memory and spatial navigation, and is one of the first brain regions to succumb to Alzheimer's-related damage.

In a study of 2,000 men prone to Alzheimer’s, Dutch researchers found that those who exercised were four times less likely to suffer from the disease than those who did not.

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