How Does a Collapsed Arch Affect Your Health?

How Does a Collapsed Arch Affect Your Health?

Our feet often go ignored unless they feel pain. A collapsed arch can be one of the most painful situations, not just for your feet but also for the rest of your body. Find out why below and how you can help heal a collapsed arch.

A collapsed arch is often overlooked as a nuisance. Despite causing some pain in the arch of the foot or heel pain, a collapsed arch might not seem to cause you any trouble at first. However, a collapsed arch can damage many other parts of the body.

The Plantar Fascia: A collapsed arch is one of the lead causes of plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis is the inflammation and tearing of the thick connective tissue along the bottom of the foot. The plantar fascia connects the heel to the toes and makes up the foot’s arch. When a collapsed arch happens, the plantar fascia flattens, pulling on the heel. This causes severe pain.

Over Pronation: There is not much to support your body when you have a collapsed arch. In reaction to the collapsed arch, your feet will begin to roll inward at the ankle to give your body weight the support it needs. During over-pronation, your ankle and lower leg will start to take on a bow shape. This is terrible news for your ankles. The joints, tendons, muscles, and even bones suffer significantly due to the new stress and weight. Beyond that, your whole walking gait changes, meaning the way you walk starts to affect more parts of your body.

Patellofemoral Pain: As a collapsed arch begins a chain reaction throughout your body, your knees will begin to hurt. This is called patellofemoral pain and is caused by the natural movement track of the knee cap being shifted due to overpronation and a fallen arch. This makes the bones in your knee grind against each other with movement instead of gliding the way nature intended.

Piriformis Pain: Piriformis pain is back pain that shoots through the buttocks and down the leg. It is another step in the chain reaction caused by a collapsed arch. Piriformis pain can be accompanied by numbness, tingling, or other nerve-related pain.

KURU Shoes for Collapsed Arch Protection

If you already have a collapsed arch or want to avoid having collapsed arches in the future, the best way to prevent pain is by wearing supportive shoes, such as KURU.

Through our patented KURUSOLE technology, you get superior arch support and a deep heel cup that helps maintain the shape of the arch while flexing as you walk to cradle and cushion the heel. This means your arches get the best support possible so you can do more and go longer with better overall body health. Experience less pain and more energy with KURU shoes.