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Best Dad Shoes

Keep dad moving in comfort with sleek, sturdy shoes ready for any adventure.

Fatherhood entails a lot of responsibilities. From working a 9-to-5 job to fetching the kids from school, there’s no wonder why muscle pains are inevitable—especially for your feet.

Since your family relies on you for many things, treat yourself to a great pair of the best ad shoes—minus the foot pain and muscle strains.

Our patented KURUSOLE technology will help you tackle your daily responsibilities with its dynamic heel support to help treat and prevent foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

KURU prioritizes comfort above anything else. Our shoes can help keep you supported and relieve pain, so you can navigate each task effortlessly. A super dad deserves super shoes!

What are Dad Shoes?

Dad shoes are those that are equipped with durable, high-quality materials that can help you get through the day without too much pain in your feet.

Classic dad shoes should be comfortable enough to make you feel at ease even during the most exhausting tasks.

Additionally, shoes for dad can be stylish and elegant while being sturdy enough to withstand various elements and last for years. Dads deserve the best, and they deserve cool dad shoes to keep them comfortable on the go.

Whether dad wants to wear socks with sandals or try a sleek new vibe, KURU offers a wide variety of styles, all with built-in comfort. Dads can try out a new look or mix and match our fashionable dad shoes with their favorite outfits—the choices are endless!

  • Man wearing KURU ATOM athletic shoes for Dads.

How Pair Your Dad Shoes And When To Wear Them

Wondering how to style your dad shoes? Our KURU GURUs outline the best ways to wear them below.

Styling your shoes will also depend on your taste and style. Feel free to experiment with your shoes and try on different outfits with them. While dad shoes can be versatile enough to wear with various types of outfits, it’s a good idea to follow some of these tips to elevate your style:

  • Casual is always in
    White dad shoes pair the best with casual wear. Whether you’re going grocery shopping or fetching your kids from school, white shoes are great for pulling off a casual, elegant look.
    Casual is always in
  • Try Athleisure
    Are you wondering how to pair your dad tennis shoes with any outfit? You can wear your sports shoes with gym basics for an athleisure look. For instance, when you’re watching your child’s football game, try wearing your sports shoes with basic prints and athleisure clothing.
    Try Athleisure
  • Dress up
    Chunky dad shoes will look great with formal wear. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your suits with shoes you currently own and make a statement at the next event you attend.
    Dress up
  • Fun day-out
    Dad grilling shoes — otherwise known as the basic dad shoes — are designed for a fun day under the sun. Whether you’re grilling for a barbecue or strolling in a park, these pairs of shoes will come in handy for extra comfort.
    Fun day-out

Types Of Dad Shoes & Finding The Best Fit

With such a wide variety of alternatives to choose from when it comes to dad shoes, we review our top picks!

There are various types of dad shoes out there, and picking one for every occasion can be challenging. However, the dad shoes listed below are great to wear anytime, anywhere.

  • Dress Sneakers
    If you want to go for a casual yet sophisticated look, dress sneakers are your best bet. They go well with jeans, casual slacks, and other daytime outfits.
    Dress Sneakers
  • Brogues
    Brogues look amazing for black-tie and formal events. They are usually worn with invisible socks and often sold in brown hues.
  • Boots
    Dads can pull off leather boots as well. These are best paired with rugged clothes or dark-colored tops. Top it off with a sling bag to look perfectly on trend.
  • Trainers
    White trainers are in nowadays, and dads will love the comfort they provide, especially when they go for a grocery run or fetch the little ones.
  • Loafers
    For a preppy look, loafers will do the trick. These shoes will also look great with smart casual outfits for all seasons.

Dad Shoe Care Tips

Keep your dad shoes looking great whith this simple tips from our KURU gurus.

It’s inevitable to get dirt or hard stains on anyone’s shoes. Below are some shoe care tips specially made for dad shoes that can make cleaning them more effortless.

  • Use a dry and soft-bristled brush for sneakers. Do not rub your shoes too roughly when cleaning as it could ruin the materials or dull the colors of your shoes.
  • Make a mild cleaning solution. Do not use harsh materials like bleach. You may also purchase a pre-mixed solution depending on the material of the shoes you’re planning to clean.
  • Typically, a light dusting is enough for leather shoes. However, for tougher dirt or stains, use a horsehair brush to rub lightly at stains.
  • Hand wash your laces. A mild soap or cleaning solution will work to remove the stains from your shoelaces. Massage them gently, then dry with a soft cloth afterward.
  • Clean the soles of your shoes. Mold and bacteria might accumulate inside the shoes, so make sure to clean the insides with a mild cleaning solution and a soft cloth. You don’t have to rinse it with water. Allow the soles to dry before wearing the shoes.

Giving your shoes the extra care they deserve will make them last longer than expected and take you to more places.


  • What are dad shoes?

    Dad shoes are comfortable and sturdy shoes made for fathers on the go. These shoes should provide enough support to allow dads to tackle each day without foot pain or other foot-related diseases. KURU prioritizes comfort and produces some of the best shoes for dads on the market!

  • Are dad shoes still in?

    Dad shoes will never run out of style. While these shoes are designed especially for dads, anyone can wear them if they want to experience the unmatched comfort that only dad shoes can provide. Dad shoes include sneakers, loafers, and brogues. They fall under any category and can be used by people of all ages.

  • Are your shoes considered orthopedic shoes?

    While our shoes are not currently considered orthopedic by a medical standard, we have received thousands of positive reviews from customers who say their KURU shoes with good arch support helped reduce or eliminate their pain—from plantar fasciitis to bunions.

    Each of our shoes feature a wide toe box, superior arch support, shock absorption and patented heel technology, engineered for pain relief.

  • I just received a pair of your shoes and my feet are sore/hurt after wearing them. Why is that?

    Some customers experience tenderness when they first start wearing a new pair of KURUs. That’s ok! Your body may need time to adjust to the new levels of anatomical support you experience with our patented KURUSOLE technology. Our shoes are also designed to mold to your unique foot shape, which takes a bit of a break-in period.

    To help mitigate this, we suggest you follow our break-in procedure, including wearing your KURUs for a couple hours per day around the house in the first couple of weeks as they break in and form to your foot.

  • How is the arch support of KURU shoes?

    KURU shoes deliver excellent arch support without the need for thick inserts or expensive, custom orthotics.

    Superior arch support starts with our patented KURUSOLE technology, which delivers natural cushioning and dynamically hugs your heel with every step. Every foot is unique, and our ULTIMATE INSOLES adapt to fit your needs by using your own body heat to custom-mold to the shape of your feet over time.

    The corrective nature of our superior arch support is designed to neutralize your weight distribution and place your foot in the best anatomical position. This support can take some getting used to. We suggest slowly breaking in your new shoes over the course of 2–3 weeks.

  • How do I know which shoes to buy? Which is best for me?

    The best shoe for you will depend on your unique foot type and the style you’re looking for.

    The best shoes for men and women alike offer adequate arch support and cushion. Whether you’re looking for bright blue shoes, dark blue shoes, or white shoes with blue accents, KURUs line of pain-relieving footwear help alleviate foot pain symptoms for all-day comfort.

Three Layers of Support

At KURU, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to shoe design. We believe that shoes should be shaped to fit the natural contours of your feet, which is why we create every pair in three distinct support layers, not just an insole.

Our revolutionary ergonomic design starts with a curved footbed and adds unparalleled triple-layer support that includes shock-absorbing KURUCLOUD, heel-cupping KURUSOLE, and arch-supporting ULTIMATE INSOLES. The result? Shoes that are so comfortable you’ll stop thinking about your feet.

  • 1


  • 2


  • 3


  • How KURU brings relief


    Our patented KURUSOLE technology, dads can feel lighter on their feet. KURUSOLE cups the heel and dynamically flexes with each step for the ultimate in-heel protection. Dads deal with a lot of tasks and problems every day, which is why we created footwear that can fully support the whole foot for extra protection from pressure and strain.

Our Secret

Animated GIF showing KURUSOLE tech in KURU shoes vs. typical flat interiors for plantar fasciitis pain.
Why Others Love KURU

Why Others Love KURU

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Great look and comfort. I bought these for my dad to give him a little more stylish shoe. They’re super cute and I wish they made them in women’s wide width! They’re a great casual shoe with the same comfort as the Quantum.

Sarah H

Perfect for Dad. Purchased for my 60 yo father who suffers from sever foot pain.


Love Kuru Shoes! I love my Kuru shoes, and I purchased this pair for my dad. He usually wears a size 11 4E (extra wide) in New Balance. I wasn’t sure if they would work but I ordered so he could give them a try. He loved the shoes but they were unfortunately too narrow for him. We will keep an eye out for extra wide width on the Kuru site.

Kristen H

Love these. I bought these for my dad and he can’t stop thanking me! He says they are like walking on clouds. I bought them for his work shoes but he wont wear them as work shoes, he says they are too nice! I have to get him a second pair so he will have a pair for work!!!


My Dad loves them. I got the gray pair for my dad and he said they are extremely comfortable. He called me a week after wearing them to let me know. He wears them to play tennis and with a trainer.


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