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Gym Fashion Dont’s: 5 Blunders To Avoid When Working Out

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Fashion at the gym is not too complex but it can go horribly wrong. These 5 common sense fashion tips will leave you feeling comfortable and ready to work out.

The gym can be a tricky place for sartorial choices. You do not want to spend too much time thinking about what you are going to wear because you are only going to wear it for a short amount of time, and your intent is to make sure that you are sweaty at the end.

The biggest gym fashion blunders are not actually about fashion at all–they are about basic common sense.

Key Takeaways

  • When choosing gym clothing, it’s important to strike a balance between clothes that are too tight and clothes that are too loose.
  • Hygiene is crucial in the gym, and wearing clean clothes and deodorant is a must to avoid offending others.
  • Wearing appropriate footwear is important to avoid foot injuries during high-impact activities, and KURU shoes are a good option with their patented technology.

Here are our top 5 fashion blunders to avoid at the gym to make sure that you feel comfortable there and get the most out of your experience.

Clothes that are Too Tight

Do not wear clothes that are too tight. We all like to have a little bit of compression to keep things in place while we are at the gym but be sure that you do not take it too far. No one wants to see every curve of your anatomy.

Shorts at the gym should be at least mid-thigh for both genders, and everyone should also be wearing shirts. Clothing that is too tight can restrict movement and make it difficult for you to move properly. This restriction could also potentially cause injury.

Clothes that are Too Big

Do not wear clothes that are too big. Just like there is a certain sect of people who tend to wear way too little at the gym, there is a sect of people who like to wear way too much at the gym. I am talking about drowning while you workout in clothes that are much too big for you.

Your clothes should fit comfortably and you should have comfortable shoes while you workout, but just like clothes can be too restrictive, they can also get in the way and be irritating when trying to work machines. You can get away with wearing an oversized t-shirt, just be sure that you wear it with more-fitted pants. If you are stepping on the hem of your pants with every step, you could trip, and you could get hurt.

Clothes that are Not Clean

Do not wear clothes that are not clean. This is a little bit of a touchy subject. A gym is a place where we go to workout. By definition, we should be getting sweaty and a little smelly there, but just because you are working hard does not mean that you are excused from basic hygiene practices. Wear deodorant and wear clean clothes.

You may not think that the pants you wore to workout yesterday smell too bad but when you combine a little bit of yesterday’s smell with a little bit of today’s smell, the effect can be overpowering for others next to you during aerobics class.

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Inappropriate Clothing for Working Out

Do not wear clothing that is inappropriate for working out. If you have ever been to the gym between the hours of 11 am and 2 pm you have probably run into an older man wearing suspenders and jeans. We support anyone and everyone making fitness goals but this type of outfit will not serve you well at the gym. Khakis, jeans, anything that has buttons, and any shoes that are not athletic shoes are not for the gym.

Also, be sure that the clothes that you are wearing are appropriate for the workout that you are doing. Your favorite tank that you wear running might not be a good bet to wear to yoga because when you are in downward dog, the tank that is so supportive while you are running might slip up your back and cause uncomfortable bunching. I like to suggest that before you wear an outfit to the gym you check yourself out in a mirror doing the exercise that you plan on doing at the gym. It might seem like overkill, but you will thank me.

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