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Calories in Popular Thanksgiving Dishes

By: KURU Footwear
calories in popular thanksgiving dishes

This Year’s Thanksgiving Dinner Could Take 30,000+ Steps to Burn Off

Thanksgiving is a time to gather in gratitude with the people we love the most. Many of us will spend much of that quality time together in the kitchen or dining room—preparing and sharing a seasonal feast. It’s great to treat yourself on special occasions, so don’t get too caught up in the calorie counting, but KURU Footwear decided to calculate how many steps you would need to “walk off” the extra calories consumed on Thanksgiving.

Different people have varying nutrition needs, but 2,000 calories in a day is a general baseline. We analyzed some of the most popular Thanksgiving dishes and found the average American could consume more like 3,408 calories on Turkey day. That’s 170% more than the recommended amount.

So how much walking would you need to do to burn off the extra calories from each dish? Check out the table below for the details!

Calories in Popular Thanksgiving Dishes

Snacks, Appetizers, and Extras

Food Item Serving Size Calories Fat (Grams) Steps to Burn
Cheese Ball (w/nuts) 2 Tbsp 246 20g 5515
Crackers 10 177 7g 3968
Potato Chips 1 oz. (10 chips) 150 10g 3363
Apple Cider 1 cup 117 0g 2623
Butter 1 Tbsp. 102 11g 2287
Olives (green) 1/2 cup 77 8g 1726
Ranch Dip 2 Tbsp 70 6g 1569
Raw Vegetables 1 cup 20 0g 448


Sides Dishes and Main Course

Food Item Serving Size Calories Fat (Grams) Steps to Burn
Stuffing (Bread) 1 cup 355 17g 7958
Cranberry/Walnut Salad 1 cup 348 12g 7801
Sweet Potato Casserole 1 cup 276 6g 6187
Mashed Potato 1 cup 238 8g 5335
Cranberry Sauce 1/2 cup 209 0g 4685
Roasted Turkey (no skin) 4 slices (4 oz.) 190 6g 4259
Giblet Gravy (w/milk and flour) 1/2 cup 178 13g 3990
Green Bean Casserole 1 cup 143 8g 3205
Dinner Rolls 1 86 1g 1928



Food Item Serving Size Calories Fat (Grams) Steps to Burn
Pumpkin Pie 1/8 of 9″ pie 323 15g 7241
Whipped Cream 2 Tbsp 103 11g 2309


Food for Thought

It’s reasonable (and fun!) to indulge yourself for the holiday, and if a long nap and some time in front of the TV is your ideal Thanksgiving: We support that!

If you wanted to walk off your entire Thanksgiving meal, it’d take a staggering 76,397 to do it. The number of steps in a mile varies by person, but using an average 2 miles for every 5,000 steps that would be more than 30 miles of walking!

If you decide to get in some movement after dinner, or maybe later in the holiday weekend, make sure you protect your feet and cushion each step with supportive shoes! KURU Footwear is on a mission to eliminate foot pain, and we want you to be next!

Methodology and Sources

Methodology and Sources

KURU Footwear used Google Trends to determine the most popular Thanksgiving dishes in 2021, and paired that information with serving size and calorie estimates from the Calorie Control Council.

We then used Omni Calculator’s Steps to Calories tool to determine how many steps it would take to “burn” the calories for each dish. We made these calculations using average body measurements as reported by the CDC.


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