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Which States Google Foot Pain the Most in 2023?

By: KURU Footwear
states googling foot pain most
States Googling Foot Pain the Most

Who among us hasn’t turned to the internet to diagnose our symptoms at some point? We know Google is no substitute for a doctor, but sometimes an online search brings peace of mind or just helps us decide on the next step.

Foot pain is so common nearly 80 percent of us can expect to experience it at some point in our lives, but we wanted to get a little more specific about who might be feeling the pinch. Read on to find out which states see the most searches for foot pain, and what kinds of questions people are asking.

States Googling Foot Pain the Most

states googling foot pain most and least map

While searches for foot pain don’t necessarily equate to who is experiencing the sting the most, there is usually a motivation behind those searches.

Several of the states where people Google foot pain the most are clustered together: Wyoming, South Dakota, North Dakota and Montana are all neighbors, in fact—with Iowa and Wisconsin relatively nearby.

While the top states tend to cluster in colder climates, perhaps the chance to dip your toes in the ocean helps soothe your feet? The top four states that Google foot pain the least all border the ocean: California, New York, Texas and Florida.

The states googling foot pain the most over the past 12 months are:

  1. Wyoming
  2. South Dakota
  3. West Virginia
  4. Kentucky
  5. New Hampshire
  6. North Dakota
  7. Montana
  8. Wisconsin
  9. Mississippi
  10. Iowa

The states googling foot pain the least over the past 12 months are:

  1. California
  2. New York
  3. Texas
  4. Florida
  5. District of Columbia
  6. Idaho
  7. Colorado
  8. Virginia
  9. New Jersey
  10. New Mexico
Most Googled Foot Pain Questions

Most Googled Foot Pain Questions

Again, search trends don’t equate to diagnosing foot pain, but taking a closer look at the top googled questions can be revealing! These are the top five most-searched foot health questions, and some thoughts from us here at KURU about the answers.

1- What causes foot pain?

A doctor is the best person to diagnose your individual foot pain, and there are many causes, but honing in on the specifics of your pain can be a helpful first step. Pain from plantar fasciitis, for example, is usually felt in your heels and is most noticeable when you first wake up in the morning.

2 – How to relieve foot pain?

This question has almost as many answers as the first one, and of course treating foot pain will be different depending on the cause. But many of us are wearing shoes that are too narrow, lack arch support, or simply don’t give us enough cushion. Wearing comfortable, supportive shoes like KURUs is one way to fight back against foot pain.

3 – How to treat nerve pain in foot?

Nerve pain is one of the most common types of foot pain, especially among people with diabetes. Morton’s neuroma is another common type of nerve pain. Nerve damage can be difficult to treat, but there are a variety of effective ways to manage the symptoms and reduce the pain and discomfort.

4 – How to relieve foot pain from standing all day?

Keeping your body upright and in place requires your muscles, tendons and ligaments to activate and hold position for long periods of time, causing pain and fatigue. Wearing supportive shoes with extra cushioning can help, and it’s also a good idea to change positions frequently, move in place, or wiggle your toes to boost circulation and give different muscle groups a break.

5 – How to relieve pain on bottom of foot?

This is another question probably best addressed by a doctor, as the best treatment for pain on the bottom of your foot will depend on the cause. Many of us aren’t getting the arch support we need from our shoes, though, which can lead to pain in the soles of our feet.

Foot Pain Searches Over the Past Five Years

Foot Pain Searches Over the Past Five Years

The landscape for foot pain has shifted over the last few years, especially in light of COVID. With more people staying at home, more folks are spending more time in their bare feet and that can increase the risk for common foot pain ailments like plantar fasciitis.

Still, three of the top five states from our Top 10  are still in the Top 5 states that googled foot pain the most over the last five years: South Dakota, West Virginia and New Hampshire.

Foot Pain in the U.S.

Foot Pain in the U.S.

There are more than 69,000 Google searches in the United States each month for foot pain, and over the last five years the US has been the country that Googles foot pain most in the world.

While this doesn’t mean the United States is the most prevalent place for foot pain in the world, it is clear that many Americans are struggling with foot pain and keen to find some relief.

Who’s Googling Plantar Fasciitis the Most?

Who’s Googling Plantar Fasciitis the Most?

Heel pain is one of the most common types of foot pain, and plantar fasciitis is among the most common causes of heel pain. This has many people wondering how to treat plantar fasciitis. Fortunately, conservative at-home treatments like applying ice, stretching and wearing comfortable shoes are usually effective!

People in the US Google plantar fasciitis a whopping 668,000 times each month, and these are the states doing most of that searching:

  1. Vermont
  2. North Dakota
  3. Kentucky
  4. Iowa
  5. Nebraska
  6. West Virginia
  7. Idaho
  8. New Hampshire
  9. Missouri
  10. Mississippi

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Methodology and Sources

Methodology and Sources

KURU Footwear analyzed Google search data using Google Trends and Ahrefs data in January, 2023. We analyzed terms like ‘Foot Pain’, ‘Plantar Fasciitis’, and other health symptoms like ‘Heel Pain’, ‘Hip Pain’, and ‘Back Pain’. We then used the results to compile this report.

About Us

About Us

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