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Heart Rate and Fat Burn: What is Ideal?

By: KURU Footwear
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Have you ever heard of the “fat-burning zone?” If not, there are some things you need to know before beginning your workout. Read on to find out just what you need for a successful workout.

Understanding heart rate and the “fat-burning zone” can be tricky if you do not know what to look for. Many people believe that the higher the heart rate, the more fat you burn. This is not necessarily true. Studies have shown that if you work at a much higher rate, you burn a TON of calories, but not necessarily as much fat. To better understand how heart rates and fat-burning work hand in hand, let us give you a better idea of where your target heart rate should be to burn the fat you are hoping for.

Interesting Facts About Your Heart Rate

Interesting Facts About Your Heart Rate

Your heart rate is one of the best ways to monitor your workouts. Your heart rate indicates how much fat you will burn and how many calories you are using during your workout.

  • If you suffer from heart disease or any condition that may affect the health of your body, monitoring your heart rate during exercise is crucial to avoid pushing your heart into the danger zone.
  • Aerobic exercise is a great way to make your heart stronger, pumping more blood through the body, so it does not have to work as hard. While a resting heart rate is anywhere between 60-100 bpm, regular aerobic exercise can lower your rate by 10-20 beats less.
  • While the average heart rate is between 60-100 bpm, you will find as you get older, your target heart rate lowers.
  • Working to lose weight and working to burn fat require two different strategies. If you are looking to lose weight, pushing your heart rate into the maximum zone helps you burn more calories than what you consume. Burning fat is much more effective if you take your exercise down a notch or two to keep your heart rate in the ideal zone. By doing so, you still burn a good amount of calories, but calories from fat as well.
  • Ever used a heart rate monitor? These can either be through a program on your phone or even a wristwatch. Using a heart rate monitor is great to use if you have health problems and helps you keep better track of where your heart rate is at, helping to motivate you to keep going.
Understanding Your Heart Rate

Understanding Your Heart Rate

With the average normal heart rate typically being between 60-100 bpm (beats per minute), a certain percentage, based on your age, helps you to target the ideal heart rate as you work out. Here are some helpful tips to better understand how your heart rate works with fat-burning.

  • Know what your average heart rate is at rest.
  • Before you begin your workout, take your pulse by pressing your 2nd and 3rd finger on the inside of your wrist.
  • Count your pulse for 10 seconds and multiply by 6 to find your bpm.

“If you suffer from any health conditions that may affect your heart, there are some important precautions you should take in order to prevent problems from arising.”

Reaching Your Target Rate Or The “Fat-Burning Zone”

Reaching Your Target Rate Or The “Fat-Burning Zone”

Since working in the “fat-burning zone” ranges in a different percentage than weight loss, it can be a bit confusing to know where your “zone” is. To help you better understand your “fat-burning zone,” here is some information to help you figure out your ideal heart rate. Keep in mind that the max zone is where you would want to be for weight loss, and the fat-burning zone is for burning fat.

  • 20 years old: Fat-burning zone should be between 100-170 bpm, with the max zone being 195-200 bpm.
  • 30 years old: Fat-burning zone should be between 93-162 bpm, with the max zone being 185-190 bpm.
  • 40 years old: Fat-burning zone is 88-153 bpm, with the max zone being 175-180 bpm.
  • 50 years old: Fat-burning zone is 83-145 bpm, with the max zone being 165-170 bpm.
  • 60 years old: Fat-burning zone is 78-136 bpm, with the max zone being 155-160 bpm.
  • 70 years old: Fat-burning zone is 75-128 bpm, with the max zone being no more than 150 bpm.

“If you have any existing heart conditions, it is best to talk with your healthcare provider before doing any strenuous activity.”

The Power Of Excellent Shoes

The Power Of Excellent Shoes

As with any exercise, whether it be walking, running, jumping, jogging, or other fitness activities, it is always crucial to ensure your feet are well protected to avoid injury. Because of this, KURU has pioneered extraordinary technology to provide your feet with just what you need to keep you successfully meeting your goals.

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