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How To Lace Shoes for a Narrow Foot

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Lacing shoes for narrow feet can make a major difference to your daily level of comfort and style. Shoe sizes normally consider the length of your feet, but not usually the width. As a result, you probably struggle often with loose-fitting shoes if your feet are slender, with huge gaps on the sides and around your ankles. Thankfully, mastering the technique of lacing shoes for narrow heels can remedy this problem. Keep reading to learn how to lace shoes for narrow feet and the benefits of doing so.

Key Takeaways

  • Lacing shoes for narrow feet can significantly improve daily comfort and style, as shoe sizes typically only consider foot length and not width, resulting in loose-fitting shoes for those with slender feet.
  • By mastering the technique of lacing shoes for narrow heels, you can reduce foot pain and discomfort and enjoy the benefits of a more secure and supportive fit, which can help prevent foot issues and injuries during physical activities.
  • Properly lacing shoes for narrow feet can also enhance your style and give you a more attractive, professional appearance. By following the step-by-step guide and exploring more tips on lacing shoes for narrow heels, you can improve your shoe-buying and wearing experience.
A Step-by-Step Lacing Guide

A Step-by-Step Lacing Guide

Follow these steps to start properly lacing shoes for narrow heels to reduce foot pain and discomfort:

Step 1: In case your sneakers have two sets of eyelets on each side, lace together the eyelets that are most distant from the tongue of the shoe. This trick will enable you to pull the two sides of the shoes more closely.

Step 2: If your shoes are still loose, make a runner’s loop or lace lock at the top of each sneaker. Verywell Fit explains that you can create a “bunny ear” by lacing down towards the next eyelet on the same side. Lace through the opposite “bunny ear” in between the two eyelets. Continue diagonally lacing the shoe to complete the lace lock.

Step 3: Check if your sneakers now fit snugly by walking around for a while. You may adjust the laces according to your preference by tightening or loosening your shoelaces.

Discover More Tips on Lacing Shoes for Narrow Feet

Discover More Tips on Lacing Shoes for Narrow Feet

Learning how to lace shoes for narrow feet can make it easier to buy and wear sneakers and other laced shoes. Bookmark our website now to explore more tips on lacing shoes for narrow heels like yours.

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