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The Effect Laughter Has on Your Whole Body

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Unlocking the secrets to a healthier, happier you might just be a hearty laugh away. Laughter isn’t merely a burst of joy; it’s a multifaceted therapy for your entire being. From the physical benefits of burning calories and working those abs to the mental perks of stress relief and enhanced creativity, laughter is a natural remedy we can all access at no cost. Learn more as we unpack the benefits of laughter below.

Key Takeaways

  • Laughter has many physical, social, and mental benefits, including burning calories, improving immune system, reducing pain, increasing creativity, reducing stress and anxiety, and improving relationships.
  • Seeking the company of people who laugh can be contagious and stimulate your funny bone, making you laugh more.
  • Laughter does not cost anything, and it can be an important part of the equation when it comes to full-body health, along with a healthy eating plan and an active lifestyle.


Laughter burns calories and works your abs. Have you ever laughed so hard your stomach was sore the next day? That is from getting a good old fashioned ab workout. Laughter only burns about 50 calories an hour, which is not that much on a grand scale, but it is something.

You’re never going to be able to forgo healthy eating and an active lifestyle just because you like to laugh, but 50 calories is still 50 calories. So do not put away your walking shoes, but do not simply dismiss the idea that laughter and humor can be an important part of the equation when it comes to full body health.

There are other physical effects that laughter has on the body which are slightly harder to see. Laughter has been shown to improve your immune system and improve your cardiovascular health.

In multiple studies, it has been shown that laughter helps reduce pain. Laughter also helps to relax your muscles and body. Are you having trouble sleeping? It has been suggested that laughter during the day can actually help people sleep better at night.

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Humor is one of the best cures that we have for stress and anxiety and is available to everyone at no cost. Laughter has been shown to increase your creativity. Do you have a problem at work or home that you do not know how to deal with? Take a few minutes and watch a funny video or read a funny story. You may find that laughter and humor help to get your creative juices flowing to solve your problem.

Humor helps to relax the muscles and body, and the effects of that show on our mental state too. Are you feeling stressed and tense? Try laughter to help you deal with those emotions. Laughter can help put us in a better mood and it can help reduce depression and anxiety and at the same time can increase our energy–making us feel less sluggish. One of the amazing benefits of laughter is that the effects of it are not just felt in the moment that you are laughing. The effects of a good laugh have been shown to stay with you for most of an hour.

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The internet has given us all many opportunities to seek out laughter to add to our lives–funny videos, stories and jokes abound on the internet, but do not forget to take time to laugh with other people. It may seem odd to list social benefits of laughter, but it has been shown that laughter is an important part of our relationships. Laughter is one of the leading ways that we bond with other people.

Laughter has been shown to make us more friendly with other people and to make us feel more inclined to help other people we come into contact with. And even though the science behind the study might have to be questioned, it has even been suggested that people who laugh are more attractive to other people.

It might not be true, but what have you got to lose? Before you go out for the night, try laughing and even if you do not seem more attractive to others you will certainly feel more attractive.

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Laughter has so many physical, social, and mental benefits for our body. Some of the claims that you read about laughter may be overstated, but the best part about laughter is that it does not cost anything. You have nothing to lose by adding a little bit of time for laughter in your day. So, in addition to a healthy eating plan and a plan to stay active, take a little time to find something that tickles your funny bone. You will not regret it.

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