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The Top 10 Best States for Hiking in 2024

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If the call of the wild is impossible to resist, you’ll want to check out our list of the top 10 U.S. states for hiking. Each is ideal for a short trip or a permanent move. 

We’ve analyzed five key metrics—total hiking trail reviews, number of trails, percentage of trails ranked as easy, trails rated 4.5 stars or higher, and yearly precipitation—to bring you the ultimate hiking destinations in 2024!

These states are brimming with incredible trails and stunning scenery, ready to satisfy your wanderlust. Get ready to hit the trails and experience the best of what nature has to offer!

Top-Ranked U.S. States for Hiking

StateRankTotal # of ReviewsTotal # of Trails% of Easy Trails% of Trails Rated 4.5+Precipitation (yearly inches)
New York51,065,3464,48150%38%41.8
North Carolina9774,1482,73646%49%50.3

1. Colorado

Colorado has held onto its first-place spot for the second year in a row! Known for the iconic Colorado Trail, the state boasts nearly 2 million reviews and over 5,000 trails, with 26% considered easy. Impressively, 51% of the hikes are rated 4.5+ stars by those who’ve trekked them. Coupled with a low annual precipitation of only 15.9 inches, it’s clear why Colorado remains the top choice for hikers.

2. California

California jumped to position #2 this year—up from #5 last year. Hikes in California have over 4.5 million reviews and there are more than 12,000 trails! More than a quarter of the hikes (27%) are ranked as easy, and 52% of the trails have been rated 4.5 stars or more.

3. Arizona

Arizona soared from #7 to #3 this year! Featuring over 3,200 trails and 1.56 million reviews, with 27% considered easy and 54% rated 4.5+ stars, it’s easy to see why Arizona is one of the best states for hiking. Additionally, its low precipitation of 13.6 inches helped elevate its rank.

4. Montana

Joining the top 10 list is Montana! And it’s no surprise. Montana has over 1,500 hiking trails, and 23% of them are ranked as easy. Nearly half of the trails (47%) have a high ranking of 4.5 stars or higher. Additionally, with a yearly precipitation of just 15.3 inches, Montana emerges as an ideal hiking destination.

5. New York

Last year, New York secured the #3 spot but has since dropped to #5. However, New York maintains its allure with over 4,400 trails—half of which are rated as easy. Additionally, 38% of these trails earn stellar ratings of 4.5 stars or higher. It’s worth noting New York’s significant yearly precipitation rate of nearly 42 inches, which can make some trails muddy and challenging.

6. Utah

It’s no surprise that Utah, home to the Mighty Five national parks, earned its place on the list. However, despite its iconic status, Utah saw a drop from #2 to #6 this year! With over 1.1 million reviews and 3,200+ trails, the state presents challenging terrain. Only 24% of trails are classified as easy, which showcases the impact of Utah’s high altitude and steep mountains. Nevertheless, an impressive 43% of hikes are still rated 4.5 stars or higher.

7. Texas

Texas, which held the #4 spot last year, slipped to #7 in this year’s rankings. Despite this change, Texas has an extensive network of over 2,400 trails. An impressive 72% of these trails are classified as easy, making them accessible to hikers of all experience levels. Additionally, 44% of these trails have earned ratings of 4.5 stars or higher—highlighting Texas’ reputation for offering some of the best hiking in the United States.

8. Washington

Another decline from last year, Washington was ranked at #6 but has since dropped to #8. Despite this shift, Washington remains a destination rich in hiking opportunities. A third of the trails are rated as easy and 39% are rated 4.5+ stars. Like New York, Washington also has higher yearly precipitation compared to other states—averaging 38.4 inches annually.

9. North Carolina

North Carolina maintained its position from 2023 to 2024, offering consistent hiking experiences. With almost half of its trails (46%) classified as easy and an impressive 49% earning ratings of 4.5 stars or higher from hikers, North Carolina promises enjoyable outdoor adventures. However, North Carolina does face a challenge with an annual precipitation of just over 50 inches, which can impact hiking conditions.

10. Oregon

It’s hardly a shocker that Oregon secured a spot on the list. Surprisingly, it didn’t make the cut last year, but it slid into the rankings at #10 this year! Offering over 3,000 trails, with 34% categorized as easy and an impressive 38% boasting ratings that exceed 4.5 stars, Oregon’s inclusion is well-deserved. The state has quite a high yearly precipitation average of 27.4 inches, but it does keep the trails lush and green for hikers.

Methodology and Sources

To determine our ranking of the best states for hiking, we compared all 50 states across the United States across five key metrics. To determine the overall score, we graded each metric on a 20-point scale and then combined their scores to find a total out of 100.

The five metrics were:

  • Number of overall reviews on AllTrails for each state (20 points)
  • Number of total hiking trails in each state (20 points)
  • Percentage of total hiking trails that are categorized as “easy” (20 points)
  • Percentage of total hiking trails that are rated 4.5 out of 5 or higher (20 points)
  • Average yearly precipitation in inches (20 points)


  2. Current Results

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