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Trending Workouts: Which Are the Most Watched on TikTok in 2023?

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By: KURU Footwear

In the 80s it was leg warmers and VHS tapes. In the 2010s we went to YouTube to work up a sweat. But these days more and more people are turning to TikTok for workout tips, tricks and techniques. At KURU Footwear we decided to dive a little deeper and explore just what kinds of workouts are most popular on the platform.

Most Popular Workouts on Instagram

We also wanted to see which workouts were the most popular on Instagram. Just a heads up: Instagram measures hashtags by number of posts, not views—and may better reflect what videos creators are making, rather than what users are watching.

HIIT workout3,000,000
Cardio workout2,300,000
Boxing workout1,400,000
Pilates workout548,000
Dance workout335,000
Treadmill workout308,000
Basketball workout266,000
Yoga workout155,000
Crossfit workout144000
Running workout47,600
Zumba workout39,200
Weights workout23,300
Football workout19,200
Soccer workout18,300
Walking workout17,700
Cycling workout15,400
Volleyball workout1000
Weight lifting workout1000
Hiking workout1000
Pickleball workout500
Climbing workout500
Stretching workout100

HIIT workouts took the top place when it comes to Instagram reels, followed by cardio. It’s interesting to note HIIT and cardio were the two most popular workouts on both platforms.

Pickleball, climbing, and stretching were not popular on Instagram, with under 600 videos per workout. Hiking and weight lifting only had about one thousand videos too.

Workout at home, or hit the gym?

Interestingly, both at home workout and gym workouts each had 1.6B views on TikTok. #athomeworkouts has 1.3 million videos on Instagram, whereas gym workouts are slightly more robust with 1.7 million posts.

Methodology and Sources

We wanted to find out which types of workouts were the most popular in 2023 on TikTok and Instagram. To do this, we searched each workout + the word “workout” under “hashtags” in the TikTok app. We then found the number of views for 22 different types of workouts in June, 2023. We also found the number of posts for the same hashtags on Instagram by searching the name of the workout + “workout” under “Tags” in June, 2023.

We used Census Bureau data to find the population of the United States of America.

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