Women's Active Walking Shoes (Perfect for Heel Pain)

KURU Chicane Active Walking Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis - Midnight Blue - Pair -

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  • Black-Delirium
  • Buff-LightTeal
  • MidnightBlue-PurpleDahlia
  • Moss-Raspberry
  • Riveter-Black

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  • 7.5
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Fit: True to Size

Width: Medium

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The award-winning CHICANE is our best-seller that keeps getting better. In fact, it is a leading light hiker that fits more feet, out of the box. It's no wonder it has won both the 2011 and 2012 Reader's Choice Award for best trail walking shoe. Designed as the perfect casual shoe for traveling and light hiking, the CHICANE has become a favorite among many of our most loyal fans.

The innovative, asymmetric tongue shape of the CHICANE is designed to follow the curve of your instep. Since the height of everyone's instep is different, this unique tongue shape allows the CHICANE to adapt to even the most difficult to fit foot shapes. In addition, a smartly placed tongue gusset helps keep debris and gunk out of your shoes.

The updated CHICANE is designed to provide superior support, comfort and fit for all-day wear. Now you can focus on yourself, or others, without being distracted by foot discomfort. You will love how the CHICANE helps you get more done so, at the end of every day, you will feel new-found gratitude.

Fall in Love.


Reasons you'll love the Chicane:

  • Better Fit - proprietary asymmetric tongue design follows the top-line of the foot for a better, more adjustable fit
  • Integrated Heel & Arch Support - innovative insole includes a varus wedge with seamless arch support for an incredibly healthy stride
  • Durable rand for stability and abrasion resistance
  • Protection from the Elements - Fully gusseted tongue keeps debris and dust out of your shoes
  • Secure Laces - kRibs™ Lacing System wraps the webbing around the foot for a sock-like fit
  • Amazingly Comfortable - anatomical KURUSOLE™ midsole chassis gives all-day comfort for the trail
  • Breathable - moisture wicking liners
  • Good Grip - high-grade, rubber cupsole outsole construction offers large lugs for excellent traction and long life (non-marking)
  • Nature's Cushioning - orthotic HeelKradl™ in footbed cups your heel as nature intended
  • Nubuck Leather Uppers - Nubuck finish leathers for superior comfort and durability along with luxurious, full-grain nubuck leather uppers (Riveter Black) for superior fit
  • Mesh Uppers - Mesh upper for improved breathability and warm-weather performance
  • Origin - Imported (China)

Ideal For:

  • Technology: Orthopedic, arch support, asymmetric shoe lacing, ribbed fit
  • Foot injuries: Flat feet, Morton’s Neuroma, fallen arches, plantar fasciitis, foot pain
  • Activity: Walking, light hiking, (neighborhood stroll), travel, standing

Fit: True to Size

Width: Medium


Customer Reviews

Arch Support
Most amazing work shoes ever
I have been dying to find a pair of shoes to wear during my 12 hour shifts that don't give me so much pain when I get home. They took a day or 2 to break in, but after that, these shoes are the only sneakers I will only buy and the only shoes I plan on buying to wear at work from now on. I am a pharmacist and am literally on my feet the entire day for 12 hours at a time and it can be very stressful on my back, knees, and ankles. I like that I could wear these as a fashionable sneaker too. I bought the tan and turquoise color and they are so cute. I even bought the purple and brown pair too and am planning on using those for more outdoor activities this summer, including for exercise, walking my dogs, and hiking some light peaks. I am so glad I invested in these shoes and think everyone should try them. They are so much better than buying insoles that never seem to fit my shoes anyways and end up being a waste of money. I look forward to putting these sneakers on every time I have to go to work. Will definitely purchase again.
Review by: Rosanna Ressing on 4/30/16
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Arch Support
Definitely Helps with those who've developed Plantar Faciitis
I think it was a couple months ago that I bought these shoes. Before making the initiative to buy these I probably had Plantar Faciitis for around 6 months. It was the worse thing I've experienced thus far. I would wake up in the morning and as soon as I would stand I collapse onto my knees from the pain in my heel. I eventually developed walking on my toes with that foot and built a habit of it. I did some research and found these shoes. Read through every single review tried finding bad ones intentionally before I spent $120 on them. Even the poor review didn't have anything important about the shoe itself. I decided to try them out. (I kind of wish I had a wide toe shoe but was not aware of the option at the time.) Once I got them; They fit my foot perfectly so it's accurate in size. I wear a women's 7.5. Once I tried them on my foot was in EXCRUCIATING PAIN from the plantar faciitis it definitely hurt to try them on for the first time with the injury. Once I wore them a few times plus doing the stretching and strengthening exercises I noticed it benefited much more than any other shoe. I can now get out of bed with out falling. I don't need to walk on my toes. I only occasionally get flare ups from very long amounts of time. I've only had these a couple of months and they've already progressed my healing so much farther. I highly recommend these shoes. If I were to wear these same shoes for a few more months I could definitely see myself walking normally again.
Review by: Natasha on 4/28/16
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Arch Support
Finally Relief!!!
Great shoe!! I now have PF and walking has been very painful. Tried the Chicane Shoe and now I finally have relief!! Well worth the price for this Miracle Shoe!!
Review by: Lisa on 4/27/16
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Arch Support
Walking Joy!
I have had foot surgeries and endless foot problems and pain for decades. I am stunned, quite frankly, that after wearing these shoes for 3 days I have had NO foot or ankle pain!!! I feel like it's a minor miracle. I highly recommend Kuru!
Review by: Mary Ann on 4/27/16
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Arch Support
Best shoes ever!!
I have had issues with my feet due to many years of retail work in heels all day. Hammer toes, heel bone spurs, bunion's, plantar fasciitis and big toe arthritis. In many of my walking shoes my hammer toes would rub on the top of the shoe and socks made it feel worse. I thought I'd have to wear flip flops and Sandals forever. These shoes are the absolute best ever. I admit when I first put them on I thought one side of my foot heel area felt higher than the other side but on no time the shoe conformed to my foot and they are so comfortable and light. They feel as comfortable as slippers. Please try them!
Review by: Wendy Hagan on 4/21/16
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Genius Shoes

The patented KURUSOLE™ dynamically adapts, keeping your fat pad under your heel bone. You get natural comfort with unbelievable support and performance.


The Power of Three

The breakthrough KURUSOLE™ has set a new standard of adaptive comfort shoes. It's no wonder KURU has quickly become a most comfortable shoe. But we didn't stop there. Our proven KURUSOLE™ is combined with other powerful technologies on the CHICANE. With this level of innovation, you can experience wellness that feels like an all-new new lease on life.

Happy comfort

KURU Ultimate Insoles™ use space-age foams biomechanically shaped to give you superior shock absorption and amazing arch support.

They also use your natural body heat to mold to your feet for a truly custom fit.

Get custom molded comfort with improved mobility for true happiness.

Love your feet

The secret to the feel good effect of KURU is the superior HEELKRADL™ component. This groundbreaking technology naturally cups your heels so you can do more and go longer.

With the HEELKRADL™ under your foot, you will once again love being on your feet.

Feel good foam

Premium KURUKLOUD™ midsole foams use state-of-the-art shapes to reduce heel impacts while offering a smoother transition from heel to toe. KURUKLOUD™ gives you a silky smooth stride that simply feels so good.

With a ride this smooth, time flies by.


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Press / Awards



New and improved for an even stronger showing, the Chicane wins's 2012 Readers' Choice Award for BEST Trail Shoe. This time, highlighted such benefits including a gusseted tongue and its performance on the trail. In fact, one reader who nominated it said, "Took them to Europe in October, over all kinds of terrain. Loved the way my feet felt at the end of the day!".


The legendary Chicane was awarded's 2011 Readers' Choice Award for BEST Hiking Shoe. It won due to its versatility as the perfect shoe for trail, travel and as an overall comfort shoe.

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"I love discovering small, independent shoe companies...Kuru’s special feature is a specially-designed curved sole that works to spread out the weight of your body coming down on your heel. As far as I'm concerned, it works perfectly."

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"The shoe felt like one seamless entity on my foot: The insole cups the heel and supports your arch while the lacing system acts like a ribcage over the foot."

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"As the shoes wore in, they became one of the most comfortable things I’ve had on my feet in quite a while."