Smarter Shoes

The amazing KURUSOLE™. Designed by experts to dynamically adapt to your feet for complete comfort. Setting the new standard.

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Nature designed every foot with fat pads in the heel and forefoot to cushion and absorb shock with each step. Other premium comfort shoes mess with nature. They have flat footbeds which flatten your fat pad.

Imagine a shoe shaped like your feet to keep the natural fat pad under your foot healthy, promising comfort for all-day wear. Some of the best minds helped us combine the proven support of orthotics with the latest, space-age materials. What resulted exceeded even our expectations.

The revolutionary, patent-pending KURUSOLE™ system is designed to dynamically cradle your heels and adapt to your feet as you walk. By working with nature, KURU literally molds to your feet so your fat pad can absorb shock and make you feel better.



The Power of Three

The breakthrough KURUSOLE™ sets the new standard for the world’s most comfortable shoe. But we didn't stop there. KURUSOLE™ combines with other technologies to deliver a powerful system that is healthier for your feet giving you more energy to feel amazing.

KURU insole

Happy Comfort

KURU Ultimate Insoles™ use space-age foams biomechanically shaped to give you superior shock absorption and amazing arch support. They also use your natural body heat to mold to your feet for a truly custom fit.

Get custom molded comfort with improved mobility for true happiness.

KURU Midsole

Love Your Feet

The secret to the feel good effect of KURU is the superior HEELKRADL™ component. This groundbreaking technology naturally cups your heels so you can do more and go longer.

With the HEELKRADL™ under your foot, you will once again love being on your feet.


Let Time Fly By

Premium KURUKLOUD™ midsole foam uses advanced materials, improved heel strike angles and a super-light, rockered sole for a silky smooth stride.

By keeping you refreshed, KURUKLOUD™ gives you more time to focus on yourself and others. With a ride this easy, time simply flies by.

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Why Others Love KURU

Flat Foot Fix


I have been buying New Balance athletic shoes for years and adding insoles as I have severe flat feet. I decided to try this shoe as the style looked great and good reviews for arch support. Shipping was very fast and these shoes are the best for my feet and no insoles needed as support is great and true to size width and length. I wll order more anytime.


Light as a Feather


This is my second pair of Kuru's. The Kinetic shoe is super light. I have plantar fasciitis and would recommend Kuru shoes to anybody! I especially love the "HeelKradl" technology. I have no more heel pain!


Quality Cushion


I have had these for 6 mo. now and I have to say these are some of the best shoes I have owned...I'm shocked I took out the insole the other day and it still had cushion left, usually they just turn into a thin strip of nothing, not these... still comfy after 6 mo. I'm now ordering a second pair for the summer time and to keep these as my cooler weather shoes. Great customer service as well!