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The Most Comfortable Shock Absorbing Shoes

The hard, flat, and uneven surfaces we walk on each day and the hours we spend on our feet demand quality shock absorbing shoes. Unfortunately, many shoes sold as shock absorber shoes are flat on the inside and don’t actually provide the comfort and stability we need day to day.

A lot of everyday foot pain is caused by walking, standing, and running on hard surfaces in unsupportive shoes. This common pain can often lead to more prolonged foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and stress fractures.

When foot pain catches up, it’s time to wear shoes that don’t just absorb shock, but actually form to the shape of your foot for more natural comfort and support.

"Before buying these shoes, I was in constant pain through my heels and back. I honestly can not remember having ever worn a more comfortable pair of shoes...I can not give these shoes enough praise, they come highly recommended by me." Brian

With KURU shoes you get the best of shock absorbing insoles plus the added benefit of an orthotic midsole that shapes to the natural contours of your foot.

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All KURU Shoes come with our revolutionary patent-pending KuruSole™ Technology.

Exciting Technology

KURU shoe technology works with the natural shape of the foot to provide increased comfort during day to day movement. An anatomical midsole actually forms to your foot as you walk to cushion your entire foot for more comfort and shock absorption.

Shoes with Shocks

Unlike conventional shock absorber shoes, KURU has designed a medical grade orthotic into the footbed for perfect foot support. The amazing HeelKradl™ cups the heel with each step by pinching the heel fat pad in response to impact. This creates a more robust support that works with the body’s natural cushioning in the heel.

Discover Natural Fit

With so many flat shoe that seem to work against the human foot, it’s refreshing to have a shoe that cushions the foot as nature intended. Through the KURU midsole technology you get the best shock absorbing insoles, not at any additional expense, but as part of the natural design of the shoe. The highest level of comfort and support is built in.

More Versatility

You’ve always wanted performance shock absorbing shoes that are also perfect for a day at work, an afternoon of shopping, and your next vacation. Now they’re here! KURU shoes are made for your active life with a stylish look, lightweight feel, and durable sole for transitioning from one activity to the next. Never have shock absorber shoes been this functional.

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