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A New Way to Approach Foot Care

When it comes to foot care, there are a lot of different approaches to ensuring proper foot health day to day. The surfaces we walk on are flat, hard, uneven, and contribute to much of everyday foot pain. Regular foot care is ordinarily centered around upgrading to a better pair of shoes, but all too often the new shoes are flat just like the surfaces on which we walk.

The feet are the foundation to every movement and quality shoes are essential to maintaining a proper walking gait and day to day comfort during any degree of activity. With so many shoes on the market that don’t offer the cushioning and support the feet require, you’re expected to turn to costly aftermarket orthotics.

What if you had a shoe that gave you the robust support of a custom orthotic with exceptional multi-level comfort? Think of the possibilities of a shoe that is designed around the natural shape of the foot to give you the benefit of natural, orthotic support built directly into the footbed.

KURU shoes work with nature to give you total comfort and support that other shoes simply don’t have. It’s because of this orthotic quality support that more Doctors, Physical Therapists, and other medical professionals recommend KURU shoes.


KURU: An Amazing Foot Care Solution

KURU shoes are designed with a technology that cushions and supports your feet with a custom molded foam midsole. This KuruSole™ flexes and forms to your unique foot with each step. This improved shape allows the midsole to cup the fat pad of your heel through the unique HeelKradl™ feature. No orthopedic shoes or custom inserts can offer this level of dynamic support.

A better, more anatomical shape means increased comfort and stability in the arch, heel, and forefoot for a renewed foot care solution. KURU shoes adapt to your feet as you wear them so you always get a natural comfort and fit.

Spending long hours on your feet, especially when experiencing regular foot pain, requires a dynamic foot care solution. KURU shoes are not only more supportive and cushioned than other brands of orthopedic shoes, they give you the style and versatility to take on trail and town.

Consistently wearing more comfortable shoes can help remedy everyday foot pain in combination with other steps like ice, rest, and stretching. With KURU midsole technology you get the support and cushioning of custom orthotics formed into the shoe. This translate into a sustainable, everyday answer to foot care.


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