Quantum WIDE

Women's Performance Fitness Walking Trainer (Great for Heel Pain)

Quantum WIDE - Women's Performance Fitness Walking Trainer (Great for Heel Pain)

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Fit: True to Size

Width: Wide C+

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When developing the all-new QUANTUM, we were challenged to redefine comfortable fitness. Starting with our proven, patented KURUSOLE™ orthotic midsole, we then developed our most advanced KURUKLOUD™ midsole foam yet. For the upper, we sourced super high-performance materials and no-sew upper construction so your feet remain comfortable and moisture free. This results in shock absorption and comfort for a whole new level of mobility.

The QUANTUM is the best trainer for all your fitness activities. By helping you do more and go longer, the QUANTUM lets you connect with your best friends as you take your fitness to new levels.

Not only is the QUANTUM amazing for athletic pursuits, it is also a super smart all-day casual sneaker. In fact, some of the best feedback we received from our team of product testers was how incredibly well it performed as an all-day casual shoe.

To make sure the QUANTUM works with your natural body, we chose a more natural 8mm heel to forefoot drop. Our anatomical, foot-shaped performance last promises you generous space in the toe box so your toes can comfortably spread as your foot swells throughout the day.

A New Level.


Reasons you'll love the QUANTUM:

  • Performance Mesh Uppers - Superlight uppers seamlessly shape to your foot
  • KURUKLOUD™ Foam - proprietary, space-age EVA midsole is super light, with unsurpassed cushioning and energy return during toe off
  • ULTIMATEINSOLES™ - exclusive insole combines a varus wedge with seamless arch support for the smoothest stride
  • Custom Molding Fit - our proprietary ULTIMATEINSOLES™ use a next-generation foam that uses your body heat to mold to the unique contours of your feet for a truly custom fit
  • Secure Laces - flat laces prevent loosening of your laces in demanding, performance situations
  • Performance Chassis - visible KURUSOLE™ Allegro™ midsole chassis promises unprecedented support for an athletic shoe
  • Breathable - moisture wicking linings and breathable mesh uppers afford ideal temperature regulation
  • Good Grip Yet Lightweight - high-grade, lightweight rubber outsole delivers excellent traction
  • Nature's Cushioning - orthotic HEELKRADL™ molded into the midsole cups your heel as nature intended
  • Natural Heel Drop - a minimal 8mm heel to toe offset more closely mirrors your natural, barefoot position for a healthier stride
  • Origin - Imported (China)

Ideal For:

  • Technology: Orthopedic, arch support, Allegro insole,
  • Foot injuries: Plantar fasciitis, hammer toe, flat feet, heel pain
  • Activity: Running, walking, exercising, cross-training, fitness

Fit: True to Size

Width: Wide C+

Product Q&A

Product Q&A

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Questions about Quantum WIDE - Women's Performance Fitness Walking Trainer (Great for Heel Pain)


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    • Q:

      Was the Quantum Wide imported, or was it made in America?

    • A:

      All our shoes are designed in America and manufactured in our partner factories in China.

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    • Q:

      I am interested in trying these for Plantar faciitis and issues with neuropathy. Any input would be helpful.

    • A:

      Neuropathy of any kind can be difficult to deal with because even with correct shoes, nerve damage can take a long time to heal, and some of the damage can be permanent. Because of this, it is hard to predict a certain outcome.

      My favorite suggestion for those with any kind of neuropathy is the QUANTUM style. The QUANTUM offers the same technology and support inside to help relieve PF and heel pain, but also offers an extra wide toebox and less restriction over the top of the foot. This promotes healthier circulation and avoids movement restriction, which are both key for healing neuropathy.

      NOTE: The QUANTUM runs big so we suggest ordering a half size smaller than you normally would.

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    • Q:

      I usually need a double wide shoe in athletic shoes which severely limits my selections. Your wide shoes say C+. Will these work for me. I am looking at the Quantum wide shoe. Please advise.

    • A:

      That is a great question! The sizing that we refer to is based off of the Brannock Measuring device. With that being said sometimes different manufacturers use their own terminology when it comes to widths so it's hard to say what the Brannock Measuring equivalent would be. You could contact the brand that has termed it double wide to inquire what the Brannock Measuring equivalent is. We always welcome giving is a shot as well and we do offer free returns + free exchanges within 45 days of the date of order.


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    • Q:

      I work long shifts (roughly 8-12 hours) every week. I was just wondering how these shoes were for supporting those long hours? Will I still feel that pain after a long day in my feet and legs?

    • A:

      That is a great question and this is one of our most popular styles for nurses. We have received great feedback from customers that they do an amazing job supporting long hours and still leaving you energized after a long work day. They have our patented KURUSOLE technology built in and are very supportive. With that being said they should definitely help with the pain after those long days.

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KURU Graphic

LOVE, All-Day Long

Our patented KURUSOLE™ with HEELHUGR™ technology shapes itself to your feet with every step. This flexing action helps keep your fat pad under your heel bone for unbelievable comfort and phenomenal support. Get ready to fall in love.

Feeling Good.

The Power of Three

The performance version of our KURUSOLE™ has created a new benchmark as our most comfortable athletic shoe. The powerful KURUSOLE™ with HEELHUGR™ technology gives you a premium fitness shoe so you can be more fit and have more energy to feel amazing.

Happy comfort

Our advanced ULTIMATEINSOLES™ use space-age foams that use your body heat to mold to your feet for a custom fit. This gives you unprecedented arch support and heel stability.

To top it off, ULTIMATEINSOLES™ also provide incredible moisture management to absorb and keep sweat away for healthier feet.

Get custom molded comfort with improved mobility for true happiness.

Love your feet

The secret to the feel good effect of KURU is the superior HEELKRADL™ component. This groundbreaking technology naturally cups your heels so you can do more and go longer.

With the HEELKRADL™ under your foot, you will once again love being on your feet.

Let time fly by

Premium KURUKLOUD™ midsole foam uses advanced heel strike angles with a super-light, rockered sole for a silky smooth stride that keeps you refreshed, to focus on yourself and others.

With a ride this easy, time flies by.


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