Women's Work Shoes

For most ladies, the work never stops—whatever your job, you spend time on your feet and time on the move during the day and long after you get home. It's why a good work KURU is a must: like you, it looks professional … but under the surface, it's a multitasking machine.


Poised and polished in its looks, the GRACE stands up to the test of any workday. It pairs with any work or travel outfit and keeps your feet happy in spite of a blocked-out calendar and after-work to-dos. With its KURUSOLE construction, the GRACE is much more than a pretty face.


The KINETIC doesn't mess around. With the looks of a sleek sneaker and the KURUSOLE technology of an ultra-supportive athletic shoe, this anti-slip wonder gets right down to business. Pull a long shift, without aching to pull your shoes off.