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Sling - Women's Sandal
Sultry sling-style sandal with a splash of ocean style
Width: Medium
True to Size
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Sling - Women's Sandal


The ocean is where you leave cares to the salt breezes — it’s where you can go to set your spirit free. Let the SLING wrap softly around your ankle and get stunning ocean style while you breathe the sea air and feel the waves crash. It’s a trendy sandal that guides you forward with an ocean of comfort whether you’re meeting friends at the pier or dipping your toes on the seashore.

Why You'll Love It

Reasons you'll love the SLING:

  • Kind to Furry Friends - Full-synthetic materials are animal friendly.
  • Twist and Slip - The silky soft, stretchy ankle straps adds security and style with wave-like patterns.
  • Designed and developed in the USA


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