Women's Best Shoes for Teachers

Your lesson plan accounts for the fact you can’t plan for everything, and the best shoes for teachers are there to support you no matter where the day takes you. From field trips to long days in front of a lectern, you put a lot of stress and impact on your feet each day. And if you teach younger students, you may be racking up the miles to go with all those smiles.

At KURU we balance ample cushion and unparalleled support to protect your feet as you go about your day. It starts with our KURUCLOUD midsole, which delivers a smooth stride in a lightweight package that won’t weigh you down. Even better, the patented KURUSOLE is designed to cushion and cup your heel as you move, dynamically flexing to redirect stress and impact. ULTIMATE INSOLES form a unique foundation, as space-age materials actually use your own body heat to mold to the shape of your feet as your break in your new KURUs!

Great for a teacher's pregnant feet!

5 stars

"I was hesitant to buy these shoes because of the price, but they are worth every penny! I am a high school teacher and am 5 months pregnant. I was wearing flats everyday to school or my cheap tennis shoes and would come home almost in tears because of how bad my knees and hips were hurting. After a week of wearing my KURUs my pain has gone away and I am no longer dreading teaching through the rest of my pregnancy. I am looking forward to buying another pair."

-Genevieve G.

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