Women's Best Shoes for Fibromyalgia Pain

Millions of women with fibromyalgia face chronic pain daily, and a fibro flare only makes things more daunting. The persistent all-over pain is bad enough, but with increased sensitivity fibromyalgia patients are more likely to feel pain in their joints and muscles, including those in your feet.

Supportive, comfortable footwear can help reduce that pain and help you stay active. The hard, unforgiving surfaces we walk on punish our feet—causing tension, swelling and pain in the muscles and joints. Most of the shoes we wear are flat, which makes the problem worse.

The patented KURUSOLE we build into each and every shoe we make is the foundation for Pain Relief Beyond Belief. Our shoes dynamically hug your heel and move with your body, working with nature to reduce pain and improve posture. ULTIMATE INSOLES blend space-age materials to give you cushioning and support in all the right places.

A Product Hype That Delivers

5 stars

"I have osteoarthitis, fibromyalgia and Elhers Danlos Hypermobolity. I hurt all the time...and especially my feet. I am doing everything I can to stay active and working and my Kuru's allow me to do just that. Even from day one my feet were happy. No limping halfway through the day or pain so severe in my arches that I would bruise...No More! Besides that I do a great deal of clean up work and these boots still look fantastic after mud, manure, bleach and everything else a vet tech can throw at them. Thanks for delivering on a great product promise."

-Kim B.

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  1. Quest - Jet Black & Basalt & Fig Purple - 6


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  2. Luna - Jet Black - 6


  3. Chicane - Jet Black & Boysenberry - 6


  4. Chicane - Smoke Gray & Jet Black & Violet - 8.5


  5. Kinetic - Riveter Black - 6


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