Women's Shoes for Bunions

The best women’s shoes for bunions are going to make plenty of space for your toes! A bunion is a bump of bone that forms where your big toe meets your foot, a deformity doctors call hallux valgus. Bunions form when the bone or tissue shifts out of place—sometimes because of your foot’s specific anatomy, or because of years of pressure from abnormal motion or poorly-fitting footwear.

If you regularly force your toes into shoes that are too narrow or too small, that can make a bunion worse or trigger redness, swelling and pain at the base of your big toe. Women are more likely to get bunions than men, especially later in lafe.

Whether your bunion is a result of footwear, family history or another condition: the first step to Pain Relief Beyond Belief is finding shoes with a wide toe box. In addition, our patented KURUSOLE technology works with your body to keep your feet and gait moving the way nature intended.

Each and every KURU features space-age tech to achieve the perfect fit for your feet, and these top-selling styles for bunions bring along extra generous toe boxes to boot.

No Pain!

5 stars

"They were a little bit more than other shoes, but I thought I'd give them a shot. I have both bunions and plantar fasciitis and the pain was unreal. An 8 hour shift was nearly unbearable. These shoes are amazing. 8 or 12 hours shifts, there is no pain. No heel pain either. The bigger toe box gives my toes plenty of breathing room. And the heel technology really, really works! Now I won't buy any other shoes. Trying is believing, you won't be disappointed!"

-Marian H.

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  1. Stride - HeatherGray-White-PeachPink - 6


  2. Stride - Jet Black - White - Berry Pink - 6


  3. Kivi - Jet Black & Fog Gray - 6


  4. Lucy - Dusk Blue, Bright White & Mist Gray - 6


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  5. Quest - GoldenWheat-SlateGray-BlueHaze - 6


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  6. Quest - Jet Black & Basalt & Fig Purple - 6


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