Man stands and holds out KURU ATOM wide width shoes. Man stands and holds out KURU ATOM wide width shoes.

Shoe Width Explained: Sizes & Measurement

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Out-of-the-box widths: unite! Those of us with unique foot shapes know the pain of finding the right fit. From pinched bunions to jostling feet, anything but a Goldilocks-fit shoe width can be downright discouraging.

KURU offers a variety of styles and wide-width shoes to fit multiple foot types. Footwear that combines comfort and inclusivity is more than a shoe—it’s a KURU.

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Experts Guide to Shoes by Width

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So. You’re at the store, and you just found the perfect pair. Hooray! It suits the event, it’s a spot-on color—it even has great arch support! Then, boom. You slip it on, and it’s tight in all the wrong places… or it’s not tight enough at all. Familiar sigh.

Not on our watch. At KURU, we get the pain (in every sense of the word) of having to consider width, not just size, when buying shoes—especially when there aren’t many options.

That’s why KURU offers a variety of styles, lengths and widths to match the foot shape you actually have, all with the pain-relieving tech you want.

Medium Width Shoes: Get the Goldilocks Fit

Not too wide, not too narrow—it’s just right.

As someone with a medium-width—also known as “standard” or “regular”—you’ll often get the first pick of almost any shoe style on the market. But that doesn't mean you’re guaranteed a comfortable fit with every shoe.

Wearing a well-fitted shoe is just as important with a standard women’s or men’s shoe width as it is with wider or narrower feet. Viewing men and women’s shoe width charts and fitting instructions before buying can help you find the perfect fit.

Once you’ve nailed down your size and width, the shoe store is your oyster. KURU’s online buying experience and hassle-free exchanges and returns makes finding the right pair accessible even from your living room.

Man leans against wall wearing KURU ATOM wide width shoes.
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For every KURU style we make, we share the shoe width “grade” in the “details” section on our website. That means whether you’re a B+ or a C- on a women’s or men’s shoe width chart, we’ve got a shoe that just might work for you.

Man leans against wall wearing KURU ATOM wide width shoes.

Finding the Best Fit

Trying to determine whether you’re a shoe width B or shoe width D? A good, ole’ fashioned Brannock device can help.

Don’t have one at home? Most of us don’t—that’s ok! Grab a piece of paper, stand on it with your whole weight and trace an outline around your foot. Use a tape measure at the widest width of your foot and compare the number with Brannock’s shoe width chart. Boom, you’ve nailed down whether you’re a standard width, extra wide width, or a narrow fit.

Narrow Width Shoes: Sleek Fit for a Sleek Foot

Sleek feet need a sleek fit. Just as too-tight shoes can cause a host of issues for your feet, too-wide shoes can keep you from feeling truly “one” with your shoe.

Your shoe should move with your movement, not against it. Proper fitting footwear will keep your feet snug yet free in all the right places.

Woman stands wearing the KURU PIVOT sneaker.
Guru Facts

Footwear Fact

If you feel your feet are sliding back and forth in the shoe or you have to curl your toes to “lift” it, the shoe is too wide. You also shouldn’t have to “force” the shoes to fit by continuing to tighten the laces.

Woman stands wearing the KURU PIVOT sneaker.

Finding the Best Fit

We get it. Each shoe company has ever-so-slightly varied sizing. Before buying, check out the Brannock device company’s shoe size width chart recommendations.

Purchase a pair of shoes but the fit isn’t quite right? KURU offers free returns and exchanges, so you try shoes on before committing to find the fit that works for you.

Wide Width Shoes: Whole-Foot Comfort

When it comes to foot health, no pain is true gain.

Squeezing into a pair of shoes is never pretty. Along with squozen toes, buckling metatarsals and blistered bunions, ill-fitting footwear can cause or exacerbate long-term foot-health conditions. Your foot should be able to lay completely flat when standing with your full weight in the shoe. No numb pinky toes allowed.

KURU offers a variety of wide-foot-friendly styles and shoe width sizes to make sure your wide feet have the room they need to stay pain free—even after hours on your feet.

Women's KURU CHICANE wide width hiking shoes.
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Footwear Fact

Too-tight or too-narrow shoes can cause long-term foot health concerns, including bunions, neuromas, and crossover or hammer toes. Wide shoes make room for the whole foot so you keep doing what you love.

Women's KURU CHICANE wide width hiking shoes.

Finding the Best Fit

KURU offers wider “styles” and true “wide” widths in a variety of shoes to help you achieve the perfect fit. Try a CHICANE WIDE for women or QUANTUM WIDE for men. Or, search our site by gender and “wide shoes” to find your favorite style.

Need to verify whether you truly have a “wide” width? Trace an outline of your foot while standing with your full weight and measure the widest distance. Then consult the shoe company’s width charts to ensure you’ll get the right fit.

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