Best Athletic Shoes for Comfort and Support

Reliable and supportive footwear for every step of your workout.

When you’ve got a lineup of challenging exercises ahead of you, your footwear needs to be able to keep up.

Athletic shoes that feature plenty of arch support, shock-absorption, and stability can help keep your stamina high and your feet comfortable through every Burpee or box jump.

KURU offers a lineup of some of the most comfortable athletic shoes for men and women on the market, so you can meet your fitness goals while keeping your plantar fasciitis at bay.

So, no—athletic shoes may not help us perform that final set of eccentric squats. But they CAN help ensure our feet last for it. With KURU’s high quality, comfortable athletic shoes, you’ll get Pain Relief Beyond Belief even through the toughest of training days.

Experts Guide to the Best Athletic Shoes

What are Athletic Shoes?

Athletic shoes are designed to help you perform at your best in a wide variety of sports or fitness activities.

The best athletic shoes feature shock-absorbing foams to reduce impact and increase stamina, breathable mesh uppers to help your feet stay dry, arch support for lasting comfort, and lateral stability to help reduce injury when moving at high speeds.

When choosing a men’s or women’s athletic shoe, select an option that offers shock-absorbing EVA or polyurethane foams, which provides bounce back and helps redirect energy into your movement. This spring action is especially essential for high-impact activities, including running, jumping, and high-intensity sports.

Steer clear of memory foam, which tends to compress and retain its shape and absorb energy instead of redirecting it. Memory foam can be very effective for post-workout recovery, but should be avoided for the training itself.

Top Selling Athletic Shoes

Our Customer Favorites

"Love this shoe
The only athletic shoe I wear. Nice wide toe box. Helps with plantar fasciitis and heel pain. Electric grape is very bold!"
"Great features!
I bought these shoes for athletic training and walking the dog!"
-Tom L

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woman hikes in ATOM sneakers. woman hikes in ATOM sneakers.

How to Pair Your Athletic Shoes and When to Wear Them

Athletic shoes can be a versatile footwear option, especially when you know how to pair them.

When styling your athletic shoes, think easy, breezy and casual.

A clear go-to option is, of course, your gym clothes! Then, for a post-gym errand run, any athleisure outfit, from leggings to running shorts, will look energetic and effortless no matter where you go.

Lifestyle athletic shoes also do well with a simple and casual outfit, such as a T-shirt and jeans combo or even a light and airy dress on warm summer days.

Athletic shoes can be paired with just about anything these days, so they are a smart and versatile choice for almost any wardrobe.

Shoe Care Tips

We take a look at helpful tips and suggestions to keep your favorite footwear in tip-top form.

Tip #1: Protect your athletic footwear from household spills with a preventive spritz of KURU Shield, our proprietary blend of shoe protector spray. This water-repellent layer works on all shoe materials and helps safeguard your footwear from everyday accidents.

Tip #2: Refresh a tired pair with our KURU Shoe Cleaning Kit. Equipped with an all-material shoe cleaner, cleaning brush and microfiber cloth, this kit ensures you can make your shoes look like you just bought them—over and over again.

Tip #3: Allow your athletic shoes to dry out between workout sessions, away from sunlight. Sweat and sunlight can each prematurely break down materials, so giving shoes some breathing room in the shade after being worn each day can help them stay fresh.

Tip #4: Wear socks with your workout shoes. Socks provide a barrier against sweat and bacteria, so it doesn’t all land in your shoes. Keeping bacteria and sweat at bay can help extend the life of your footwear and reduce the risk of odor.

woman stretches in ATOM sneakers. woman stretches in ATOM sneakers.

Types of Athletic Shoes & Finding the Best Fit

Learn about the different types of athletic shoes and how to find the best fit for your foot needs.

Wearing proper athletic shoes based on activity type can improve performance and reduce injury. Let’s unpack a few options for women’s and men’s athletic shoes to help you shop for your next pair.

  • Cross-Training Shoes: Whatever your main activity or sport, a cross-training shoe that offers stability and shock-absorption can carry you through high-performance workouts—whether you’re riding a bike or weight lifting.
  • Running Shoes: When you’re out for long runs, you need plenty of cushion and support in the heel and ball of your foot to reduce impact with every strike. Look for shoes with shock-absorbing EVA foam, quality arch support, and a breathable mesh upper.
  • Walking Shoes: Especially when walking long distances, comfortable sneakers with shock-absorbing foam, heel cupping, and quality arch support helps for stability and cushion for the long haul.
  • Trail-Running Shoes: Hiking or trail-running shoes should have the added element of traction-heavy rubber outsoles to provide stability, grip, and support on uneven terrain.
  • Shoes for Pronation: Pronation occurs when the ankle leans a bit too far inward while standing or walking. It is most likely to occur in those with flat feet or low arches. Pronation shoes offer an extra-cushioned footbed and arch support to help soften your landings and neutralize your alignment.
  • Shoes for Supination: Those with naturally high arches also tend to supinate, or roll outward from the ankle. Shoes with plenty of arch support and medial stability can help to neutralize alignment and help prevent injury.

Why Others Love KURU

See What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

"Good looking shoe!

This is a nice looking athletic shoe. My toes went forward in it a bit, so I returned. I'm still waiting for the Quantum Leather to come back!!! I need a winter athletic shoe and the Kinetic is just a little ugly to me."

"Great support

I bought these shoes for athletic use and they’ve been great. First show I ever bought which feel like my orthotics are in them. I have bad plantar fasciitis and these shoes are a lifesaver. Will be buying some Kuru’s for casual wear too."
-Derek R

"Best athletic shoe I've ever owned

Best athletic shoe I’ve ever owned. As soon as I put these shoes on I knew immediately they were the ones for me. I have plantar fasciitis, high arches and heel pain. These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on my feet. I’m 72 but very active. They are worth every penny."


Answers to the most frequently asked questions are just a click away.

What are athletic shoes?

Athletic shoes are designed to help you perform at your best in a wide variety of sports or fitness activities.

The best athletic shoes feature shock-absorbing foams to reduce impact and increase stamina,
breathable mesh uppers to help your feet stay dry, arch support for lasting comfort, and lateral stability to help reduce injury when moving at high speeds.

How should athletic shoes fit?

Athletic shoes need to support you through some of the most intense activities, so it’s important to have the right fit.
Athletic shoes should fit snug around the forefoot and ankle, but not tight or painful, with enough room at the toes to fit the width of your finger.

How do I clean athletic shoes?

Many athletic shoes can be cleaned with a simple mixture of gentle dish soap diluted in warm water and used to apply with a rag.
For the leather parts of your shoe, you can opt for a cleaning solution to keep your kicks in top shape.

How long do athletic shoes last?

Podiatrists recommend replacing footwear about once every 6–12 months or about 300–500 miles, depending on frequency of use.
Runners or those with more mileage may need to replace their shoes more often to help avoid injury and maintain the most optimal support.

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