Woman sits on bench in KURU QUEST boots. Woman sits on bench in KURU QUEST boots.

Comfortable Styles of Shoes, Sandals and Boots

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We’ve all been there—eyeing the uber comfy shoe that feels like heaven but looks like…

At KURU, we believe you shouldn’t have to choose between form and function. We want to fuel your movement along with your fashion sense.

We harness our signature insole technology into every pair, then design a wide variety of styles and athletic shoes to suit the modern wearer—one that values comfort, versatility and style.

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Experts Guide to Comfortable Styles of Shoes, Sandals and Boots

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Shoes often seem to be made for the event, not the human. Shiny exterior faux leather—yet thin, grimace-inducing insoles. Snazzy silver buckles—yet flimsy, flat arches. On-trend style, but off-the-charts pain. Oof, we’re already hurting.

That’s why KURU’s lineup of dressy, outdoorsy, and casual shoes for men and women were designed with one eye on the event, but a whole heart for the human.

No matter which style you choose, one thing remains the same: our unique, adaptive technology hugs your heel, adapts to your arch (even when it’s high!), and supports your whole foot—yep, even that bunion.

Active Shoes: Put a Bounce in Your Step

Part of the joy of wearing high-quality, comfortable shoes is you don’t have to think about them. They aren’t scuffing your heel, pinching your pinky toe, or cramping your style.

Adaptable and fitness friendly, KURU active shoes help you complete the tasks you need—standing, walking, shopping, working—all with a pain-free bounce in your step and fashion-forward flair.

Woman sitting wearing KURU ATOM sneakers.
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Active shoes are one of the most versatile casual shoes for women and men out there. Wear them for your 12-hour retail shift, with your stylish new skirt, or on your daily dog walk. KURU blends its proprietary technology with the latest styles for women and men to offer a variety of comfortable active shoe options for your daily life.

Finding the Best Fit

A few tips for fitting an activewear shoe:

  • Allow for about a finger-width of space between your longest toe and the tip of the shoe.
  • Shoes should feel snug but not painful.
  • Your foot shouldn’t be able to move around in the shoe, but your toes should.
  • Try on shoes at the end of the day, since feet tend to be at their largest at this time.

Athletic Shoes: Your Next Workout Just Got Less Painful

There’s nothing quite like a lactic-acid-inducing leg day to make you wince as you get out of bed. That is, except for foot pain that might make it impossible.

Your footwear should help propel you toward your next goal, not keep you on the sidelines.

Our quality athletic footwear combines strategic stability for that agility-boosting HIIT workout, flexibility to promote a proper gait, and comprehensive, whole-foot support to keep you moving pain free.

Woman sitting wearing KURU ATOM sneakers.
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While it’s easy to relegate an athletic shoe to your gym bag, KURU’s modern athletic shoe styles offer surprising versatility for everyday styling.

From a sporty, athleisure outfit to a city-slicker, dress-with-sneakers combo, athletic shoes can pair with more than just running shorts. Consider trying a low-top sneaker with a long skirt for an on-trend look, or pair them with a classic T-shirt and jeans that’ll never go out of style.

Finding the Best Fit

When on the hunt for the best athletic shoe for you, you’ll want to look for:

  • Shock absorption to protect your bones, tendons, and ligaments.
  • Stability to keep you from over-pronating or supinating (leaning too far on either side of your foot).
  • Arch support to ensure muscle fatigue is the reason you stop—not foot pain.
  • A wide-enough toe shoe box to keep that circulation flowing

Trail Shoes: With You Step After Muddy Step

When racing through the trees—or bushwhacking through your weeds—you want a shoe that can keep up.

Step after step, mile after mile, a trail shoe’s rubber doesn’t just meet the road, it must meet every rock, crevice, dirt mound, and grass strip. It should offer grip against the ground, yet move with you.

Unlike just using a pair of running shoes for the task, quality outdoor shoes can withstand the test of the trail (or your weekend gardening project!) while having foot-loving support to keep you going.

Woman stands wearing KURU ATOM sneakers.
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For an outdoorsy, I-just-scaled-a-mountain vibe, trail shoes are a perfect fit. Sure, you can take them hiking, but they’re also an ideal choice for gardening, backyard fire-pit hang outs, weekend camping trips, or a leisurely weekend stroll.

Woman stands wearing KURU ATOM sneakers.

Finding the Best Fit

For the best fit, allow about a finger-width of space between your longest individual toe and the shoe’s inside tip. You’ll want the fit to be snug around the ankle and forefoot but offer a bit of wiggle room for the toes to avoid those dreaded bruised toenails when going downhill.

Business Casual Shoes: Put Your Best Foot Forward at Work

To every professional who has suffered through all-day conferences on barely there flat shoes or shuffled in and out of meetings with painful, sweaty feet: we see you.

KURU’s business shoes keep your mind off your feet so your head can stay in the game. Each KURU business casual shoe features a three-in-one, pain-relieving insole designed to offer full-foot support, from heel to toe.

Our world-class team of designers then sets this patented support system into a wide selection of professional styles you can confidently wear to the boardroom.

Woman stands wearing KURU ATOM sneakers.
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After a long day at work, you can stay comfy and stylish even at home with house shoes for women and men. Try a DRAFT women’s house slipper or its counterpart, DRAFT men’s house shoes. These indoor/outdoor slippers are designed with our patented KURUSOLE technology, a rubber outsole and a comfy, breathable insole to keep your feet warm and dry—even when you take the trash out.

Woman stands wearing KURU ATOM sneakers.

Finding the Best Fit

Business casual shoes need to last for your entire shift—whether that’s 8 hours or 12. With that in mind, we recommend aiming for a comfort fit that keeps the shoe snug to your foot without any unnecessary tightness.

Since feet tend to swell as the day wears on, we suggest trying your shoes on in the evening to find a fit that will last.

Boat Shoes: Your Casual-Meets-Fancy Footwear

Even if you’re not invited to a ritzy shindig on a yacht sporting a polo and a small plate, you can live the leisure life with a KURU boat shoe.

Featuring a stylish canvas and leather upper with our signature insoles, KURU’s boat shoe will leave you fit for a stroll down the pier, an 18-hole game on the green, or dinner with the in-laws.

Woman walks up a set of stairs wearing KURU ATOM sneakers.
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Similar to the latest slides shoes trend, a men’s casual boat shoe gives you the little-bit-casual, little-bit-classy vibe that can effortlessly adapt to your surroundings. Try them with breezy linen shorts, casual jeans, or a blazer and suit pants.

Woman walks up a set of stairs wearing KURU ATOM sneakers.

Finding the Best Fit

While athletic shoes need to be snug for the activities ahead, a boat shoe can fit with a little extra wiggle room. While you never want shoes to be down-right loose, a healthy, snug-yet-breathable fit will help you remain pain free and comfortable all day long.

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