Woman wearing KURU ELLIE slip-on shoe stands at top of escalator with suitcase. Woman wearing KURU ELLIE slip-on shoe stands at top of escalator with suitcase.

Best Shoes for Destination Travel

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Ready, set, go! No matter if you’re a seasoned globetrotter, weekend warrior, or once-in-a-while vacationer, the last thing you’ll want to worry about on your next adventure is your feet.

KURU’s line of travel-ready shoes feature patented technology to protect the heel, three layers of support, and shock-absorbing cushion for step after pain-free step.

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Experts Guide to the Best Shoes for Destination Travel

Take Your Shoes on a Journey

From the sand dunes of the Sahara to the Magic Kingdom of Disneyland or the Blue Lagoon waters of Iceland, you’ll want a shoe that can keep up with your daily mileage.

Many comfy-at-first shoes wear down as the day wears on, leaving your feet feeling like they’re walking on cement instead of cushion. The best shoes for travel feature smash-resistant foam that bounces back step after step to keep your arch supported and fascia flexible for long hours on your feet.

KURU’s tech does just that. Our base KURUCLOUD layer of dense EVA foam combines with our patented KURUSOLE plate to provide shock-absorbing, dynamic flexion at your heel. Then, our durable, polyurethane ULTIMATE INSOLES form to your foot and maintain their bounce far longer than traditional thin inserts.

This trifecta of support and comfort lasts bucket-list destination after bucket-list destination so your feet never have to slow you down on your trip of a lifetime.

Best Shoes for Disney: Comfort for Every Attraction

You’ve finally saved up enough to head to the Happiest Place on Earth. Wahoo! Your kids are over-the-moon excited, you’re ready for action, and you want to make every moment count.

Whether you’re headed to the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida or the original Disneyland in California, the best shoes for Disney World and Disneyland theme parks are those that can stand up to some pretty intense mileage.

Get Shoes Made for Mileage

While it might not feel like it, you may walk 4–5 times the daily step count of the average American in just one day at the Magic Kingdom! So the shoes you plan on wearing to Disney—and yes, even the water bottle size you bring—truly do matter.

The best shoes for Disneyland walking—and the best shoes for amusement parks of any kind—are those that can stand up to all-day walking and standing in line, pain free.

KURU’s unique shoe technology blends shock-absorbing cushion with firm arch support and dynamically flexing heel protection. That way you can spend more time with your kids waving at Mickey from the front row of the parade instead of hunkering down on a bench attending to your plantar fasciitis.

Woman stands wearing KURU PIVOT sneaker.
Guru Facts

Footwear Fact

Guests of Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida will walk an average of 7–10 miles per day. That’s up to 20,000 steps! To put that in perspective, the average American typically walks just 3,000–4,000 steps per day, or 1–2 miles.

Woman stands wearing KURU PIVOT sneaker.

Finding the Best Fit

When longevity is your goal, make sure you have a pair of shoes that can keep up. The best shoes for theme parks give you adequate shock absorption, arch support and cushion for long hours walking on concrete. A closed-toe option might help prevent pesky toe stubbs too!

KURUs shoes offer patented technology in every pair that cups and protects your heel, offers shock absorption and lasting arch support to keep you going all day without pain.

Best Shoes for Europe, Asia, and Abroad: Comfort for Your Next Adventure

Many European and Asian cities bring a sense of depth and timeless beauty that simply can’t be replicated. Centuries-old architecture, vintage lampstands, cobblestone streets. You can almost feel the generations that have traversed each pathway.

When you’re site-seeing, you’ll want to be able to focus on your surroundings, not your foot pain. Investing in quality footwear before you travel is a surefire way to get the most out of your trip to Europe or abroad and to keep going, destination after destination.

As you look for footwear, keep in mind that the best shoes for traveling Europe—as well as any country with stony streets—need to have enough tread and shock absorption so that you don’t feel each stone on each bone.

Summer vs. Winter Footwear

For any potential trips to Iceland or other Northern hemisphere countries, consider that the best shoes for Iceland in winter will differ from the best shoes for Iceland in summer.

For the winter months, you’ll want something a little more substantial than, but just as supportive as, running shoes. Try a cold-friendly pair, such as the leather-upper hiking boot, QUEST. These rugged beauties will keep you going through every excursion.

For warmer months, try a CHICANE that offers the option for mesh and leather uppers and moisture-wicking liners. Both styles offer traction-heavy rubber outsoles and KURU’s signature tech in every pair.

Man rides a bicycle wearing the KURU CHICANE trail shoe.
Guru Facts

Footwear Fact

One of the most popular times for international travelers to make a trip to Ireland is in the early spring. The best shoes for Ireland in March are those that transition easily between on-road and off-road activities and can handle various forms of weather without complaint.

Man rides a bicycle wearing the KURU CHICANE trail shoe.

Finding the Best Fit

For comfort and style regardless of your destination, we recommend packing at least one comfortable, trail-friendly shoe and one comfortable, night-on-the-town shoe. This will allow you to pack both light and smart for your next trek across the pond.

Our QUEST or CHICANE can cover you in your outdoor adventures, while the women’s styles LUNA and TEMPO or men’s styles ROAM and PACE are perfect fits for nights out at a restaurant or long strolls on cobblestone.

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