Woman swings on a swing set wearing KURU ATOM. Woman swings on a swing set wearing KURU ATOM.

Best Shoes for
Aging Feet

From adult shoes to shoes for seniors, explore to find your perfect fit!

We doubt many want to hear the words “old people shoes” when describing their footwear. But since many orthopedic shoes pay more attention to comfort than style, there can be a bit of a stereotype.

At KURU, we believe this doesn’t have to be! We’ve designed shoes for seniors that feature built-in arch support and cushioned shock absorption in today’s most versatile styles. No grandpa shoes or grandma shoes here, folks.

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It has been said that gray hair is like a crown, and we happen to agree. Just because the number on the calendar has changed doesn’t mean your feet can’t stay feeling a little younger.

No one can completely prevent the physical signs of aging (and we happen to think there’s a ton of beauty in them!), but there are things you can do to help protect what you already have, so that your feet stay ready for action as long as possible.

Adult Shoes: Grown-Up Footwear Just Got Better

One preventive measure we can take to keep our feet feeling young is to protect the body’s natural cushioning system: the heel’s fat pad.

You heard us right! This heel fat padding wears down over time, especially when we wear thin, unsupportive shoes. The best types of shoes that increase longevity offer adequate arch support and shock absorption, supporting the foot with each step.

KURU’s shoes for older women and men are designed with unique, proprietary technology that absorbs shock, supports your arch, and gently flexes at the heel with each step. This design helps to preserve and protect your fat pad and reduce foot pain conditions, including plantar fasciitis.

A man and woman ride their bicycles on tree-lined road.
Guru Facts

Footwear Fact

Wearing the right pair of shoes doesn’t just help your feet feel better. Shoes that support your arches and feet lead to increased whole-body health: better alignment, protection against pain, and improved athletic performance—and that’s the short list.

A man and woman ride their bicycles on tree-lined road.

Finding the Best Fit

Even the right pair of shoes won’t reach its full potential if it’s the wrong size. Take a peek at fit and sizing recommendations before buying.

How do you know for sure if you need a wide width? Using a Brannock device is an industry-standard tool to determine your true shoe size—both in length and width. Get fitted at your local shoe store for accurate sizing, and never hesitate to reach out to a KURU GURU for tips on finding the fit for you!

Shoes for Seniors: Keep Up with the Grandkids

Our feet sure take a beating. With each step we take, our heel absorbs a great deal of shock—especially when standing or walking on hard surfaces.

And when trying to chase grandkids around the yard? That can be a formidable challenge for even the most fit among us!

Cushioned, shock-absorbing adult shoes can help support your arches, joints, and ligaments. Wearing these for long days on your feet can lead to less fatigue and more comfort, so foot pain doesn’t have to be the reason you stop.

Woman stands on a dock wearing the KURU STRIDE slip-on.
Guru Facts

Footwear Fact

Falls are the leading cause of injury among older adults, ages 65 and up. To help reduce your chance of falling, lead an active lifestyle (strength = stability!) and wear supportive, non-slip shoes for eldery or older adults.

Woman stands on a dock wearing the KURU STRIDE slip-on.

Finding the Best Fit

When buying shoes for elderly women and men, it’s smart to consider ease of use and slip resistance to help prevent falls. Consider a slip-on shoe with breathable mesh like our STRIDE, or walking shoes with non-slip rubber outsoles like our KINETIC.

These versatile, comfortable shoes contain KURU’s signature technology that helps relieve plantar fasciitis and other foot pain to help your loved ones walk with comfort and safety everywhere they go.

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