Woman runs up steps wearing KURU ATOM shoes. Woman runs up steps wearing KURU ATOM shoes.

Best Shoes for Your Activity

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Life’s a beach, but maybe backpacking is more your speed. From running shoes to basketball shoes, sometimes defining the best shoe depends on what you’re up to.

We make it easy to shop for shoes by activity type, so you can find the right fit for your needs. And we design each KURU around a trio of technologies, so you can always count on getting Pain Relief Beyond Belief.

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Experts Guide to the Best Shoes for Your Activity

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The best shoe for any given job is going to vary based on what sort of activity you’re up to.

A quick errand calls for a shoe you can slip on and off easily, but you need a more secure fit and some extra ankle support if you’re taking a hike. Figuring out the type of fit for your level of activity and the terrain is often the first step in picking the perfect shoe.

Materials are another choice that will vary depending on the conditions underfoot, so we make it easy to shop for shoes by activity. Find shoes with water-resistant materials or breathable mesh to complete your kit for your next adventure!

Running Shoes: Your Perfect Fit Awaits

Many people find their zen on the run, but pounding the pavement can be punishing for your feet.

When you run, you subject your feet to as much as seven times your body weight, so the best running shoes will cushion that blow. But too much cushion can alter your gait, so it’s crucial to include strategic support and enough structure to keep your ankle in place.

Whether you’re sprinting for speed or going the distance, cutting down on extra weight can help. Look for lightweight shoes that won’t sap away your energy as you run."

Man runs up steps wearing KURU ATOM shoes for activity.
Guru facts

Footwear Fact

"Overuse injuries" are the most common injuries among runners.

Man runs up steps wearing KURU ATOM shoes for activity.

Finding the Best Fit

Finding the right running shoes for you is a combination of fit, materials and support. While the idea is to cushion your body and protect it from the stress of high-impact exercise, your needs may vary depending on the unique shape of your feet.

Proper arch support is a key part of the puzzle, but your needs may vary depending on whether you have flat feet, high arches or average arches. Wearing the wrong kind of shoes can lead to pain and even injury! Our ULTIMATE INSOLES help you get custom support without custom prices, thanks to advanced foams that use your own body heat to mold to the shape of your feet over time!

In general good running shoes are lightweight and blend support with cushion, especially in the heel. Your heels take on a lion’s share of punishment when you walk or run, and damage to the heel can cause or worsen plantar fasciitis and other overuse injuries.

Each shoe we make features the patented power of KURUSOLE. Unlike anything else, our technology flexes with every step to redirect the force of impact and protect your heel—putting your body in the best position to heal!

Hiking Shoes: Your Perfect Fit Awaits

Because it’s there may be a reason to climb a mountain, but that’s not enough for picking the right shoe for the trek. The best hiking shoes offer reliable traction paired with the durability to go the distance. Extra support at the ankle can also be critical, especially on tricky terrain.

And not every hike is the same, so the material and specific shoe you need may vary with the conditions. A hiking sandal is perfect for getting some extra airflow on hot days, while a closed shoe is safer over rugged terrain or through the underbrush.

woman relaxes in camping tent wearing KURU CHICANE
Woman relaxes in camping tent wearing KURU CHICANE hiking shoes.

Finding the Best Fit

The top hiking shoes are going to depend on the specifics of your trip. If you are expecting rough terrain or inclement weather, a durable closed-toe shoe may be best for you. But if you’re worried about the heat or planning to wade through some streams, a trail sandal could be just the thing.

Either way you’re going to want aggressive tread to help you keep your footing, and durable materials that can stand up to Mother Nature. From boots to sandals to trail shoes, experience KURU comfort on your next adventure.

Walking Shoes: Your Perfect Fit Awaits

They say you should walk a mile in someone else’s shoes if you want to understand them, but the average American walks about 3 miles a day! All of those steps add up to a lot of stress and punishment, so the best walking shoes offer cushion and support to protect you!

If you walk a lot you may also worry about lower-limb fatigue, so a lightweight shoe can be just what you need to keep moving. Our KURUCLOUD midsole blends proprietary foams to give you complete cushioning in a lightweight package, because we want to make it easy to walk a mile (or more!) in our shoes.

Woman walks up stairs wearing KURU STRIDE shoes.
Guru facts

Footwear Fact

Most people average between 5,900 and 6,900 steps per day.

Woman walks up stairs wearing KURU STRIDE shoes.

Finding the Best Fit

If you walk a lot for work or just find yourself constantly on the go, supportive shoes can make a huge difference! Rest is one of the best ways to fight foot pain, but comfortable walking shoes can help prevent common foot conditions or help you recover!

Plantar fasciitis or other types of heel pain are extremely common, especially when you walk a lot or suddenly become more active than usual. That’s because your heel takes on much of the impact when you walk.

The best walking shoes support and cushion your heel to prevent pain and minimize wear and tear. That’s why every pair of KURUs features our patented KURUSOLE, which dynamically flexes with each step to redirect force away from you and protect your heels.

Standing Shoes: Your Perfect Fit Awaits

Spending all day standing can lead to foot pain, as well as pain in your back—or in joints like your hips and knees. Even though it may seem like you aren’t doing much while standing, you don’t have to be moving to stress out your feet.

Taking a break to rest and put your feet up isn’t always an option, so supportive shoes with plenty of cushion can be the relief your feet need during a long shift standing.

A wide toe box can help protect sensitive areas like bunions or corns, and give you room to wiggle your toes for some extra blood flow when you can’t take a break to walk around.

Woman stands wearing KURU PIVOT shoes.
Guru facts

Footwear Fact

Standing for long periods of time can be more punishing than walking, because you keep the same muscles activated constantly and the lack of motion reduces circulation.

Woman stands wearing KURU PIVOT shoes.

Finding the Best Fit

Between the strain of holding your body in the same position and the reduction in circulation, standing for long hours can really take it out of you! Strategic support and comfortable cushion are both a major priority, but your job may have other requirements too.

We make it easy to find a shoe that’s comfortable and suitable for standing long hours, whether that means anti-slip or simply an all-black look for your workplace dress code.

Our patented KURUSOLE technology cups and cushions your heel unlike anything else, so you can stand up to whatever the day throws at you. That’s part of a trio of technologies we build into every shoe, so you can stand comfortably in any style that catches your eye.

Training Shoes: Your Perfect Fit Awaits

We all want to level up and take our game to the next stage, and training hard helps us get where we want to go! While many routines have things in common, we all pursue our passions differently. So finding the best training shoe starts with deciding what you need from your footwear.

Consider the fit of your shoe, and how much stability you need vs. how much room you like inside your shoes. Think about where and when you will be training, and the sorts of materials and features you need to protect your feet in those conditions.

Woman bounds up stairs wearing KURU ATOM shoes.
Guru facts

Footwear Fact

When you walk your feet support about three times your body weight, and about seven times your body weight when you’re running!

Woman bounds up stairs wearing KURU ATOM shoes.

Finding the Best Fit

Finding the right training shoes for you begins with determining the right fit for your level of activity. If you’re starting a walking regimen, comfortable shoes you can slip on and off easily may be your starting point. For more intense or high-impact activities, you’ll want a more secure fit. For hiking or trail running, aggressive tread and enhanced ankle support can be crucial.

The best training shoe for you will also depend on the conditions at hand. If you train outdoors you may want a more durable shoe with water-resistant materials. If you’re more concerned about moisture-wicking and airflow, then a breathable mesh shoe might be for you!

No matter the goal, we make it easy to find training shoes for your needs. Simply sort by activity to find a style that’s right for you!

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