Woman walks wearing KURU ROAM shoes. Woman walks wearing KURU ROAM shoes.

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We often take our feet for granted until foot pain rears its ugly head. While there are many kinds of foot pain with a variety of causes, the good news is that good shoes can help! Whether you need shoes for work, for play, or just for wearing around the house—the key is finding the cushion and support your feet need and you deserve.

KURUs are designed from the ground up to deliver Pain Relief Beyond Belief, thanks to a trio of core technologies we build into every pair. Each of our shoes builds on that foundation, so let’s take a look at how to choose the perfect fit for you.


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From the moment we wake up until the second we settle into sleep, many of us are spending hours each day on our feet. From standing to walking to running, your feet take on a lot of stress and pressure. It's no wonder nearly 80 percent of Americans will deal with foot pain at some point in their lives!

KURU Footwear specializes in uncommon solutions to these common problems. Our lineup features shoes designed to target your unique needs. From shoes that offer plenty of space to soothe bunions or hammertoes, to anti-slip shoes with enough cushion to support your double shift: We can help you find the ideal shoe for your day-to-day needs.


Comfortable cushioning and strategic support are always going to be an important part of picking the perfect shoe for the job. But if you’re out for a hike you need a different fit than for heading to the gym or riding a bike—or going out on the town to see where the night takes you.

Slip-ons are great for quick errands or protecting your feet from hardwood floors at home. More active adventures call for extra support and a more athletic, secure fit. Beyond the level of activity are practical considerations for finding the best shoes: water-resistant and anti-slip can be critical, or maybe you need breathable mesh to keep cool?

No matter the job at hand, KURU has a solution at foot.

Man steps in KURU QUEST boots.

KURU GURU Footwear Fact

Our KURUCLOUD midsole forms the foundation of every pair, and the proprietary blend of lightweight foams is inspired by performance running shoes.

Man steps wearing KURU QUEST boots.

Finding the Best Fit

When you are picking a shoe for a specific activity, you’ll want to ask yourself a few basic questions.

The first might be, what kind of fit are you looking for? Beyond the right size, obviously! Do you need an athletic fit with extra security around the ankle or at the laces? Or do you need to be able to slip your shoes on and off without bending down? Do you have sensitive toes or bunions that need some extra space to breathe?

Another consideration is the material of the shoe. Sandals are perfect for warm weather or a trek along a sandy beach, while water-resistant boots with reliable tread and a higher cuff fit the bill for winter weather. Do you want mesh for airflow, so your feet stay dry as you work up a sweat at the gym? Maybe you just want canvas or leather to complete that perfect outfit?

Enjoy all-day comfort on your next outing in one of these styles!

Foot Condition Shoes: Your Perfect Fit Awaits

When your feet hurt it’s hard to do what you love. Unfortunately our busy lives and jobs don’t always allow us to sit down and put our feet up to recover. Finding the right shoes can help keep you healthy and on the go, but how do you know which shoe is right for you?

The first step is figuring out what is causing your foot pain. Heel pain is often from plantar fasciitis, while a burning sensation in your toes is most likely neuropathy. Reading about common foot ailments and their symptoms can help you pinpoint your needs, but a doctor is always going to be the person to go to for a diagnosis.

We want you to experience Pain Relief Beyond Belief no matter what kind of foot pain you have, so take a look below and let us help you find the right fit for your feet.

Woman stretches wearing KURU shoes.

KURU GURU Footwear Fact

Heel pain is one of the most widespread kind of foot pain, and the most common cause of heel pain is plantar fasciitis.

Woman stretches wearing KURU shoes.

Finding the Best Fit

Plantar fasciitis patients are focused on heel support and cushion along the length of their sole. Hammertoes, bunions, calluses and corns are all common afflictions of the toes that benefit from a shoe with a wider toe box.

Narrow shoes that pinch can also cause or worsen neuropathy or Morton’s Neuroma. Bursitis is often a result of wearing high heels, so shoes with plenty of cushion and a milder angle can help you recover.

Knowing your feet can help you shop for the top shoes to keep you moving.

Work Shoes: Your Perfect Fit Awaits

Most of us spend around a third (or more!) of our waking hours at work. Whether you spend all of that time sitting, standing, walking, or engaged in other activities—your feet deserve to feel cushioned and supported. Work shoes mean different things depending on your career, so let us help you find the fit for what you do and how you like to look doing it.

Man walks wearing KURU QUANTUM shoes.

KURU GURU Footwear Fact

More than 25,000 slips, trips or falls occur in the US on an average day! Anti-slip shoes can help keep you safe.

Man walks wearing KURU QUANTUM shoes.

Finding the Best Fit

For many people from hospitals to hospitality, anti-slip shoes are mandatory. Other people need an outdoor shoe rugged enough to handle tough terrain. Or maybe you need something you can slip on and off easily?

The other half of the work shoe equation is often a dress code. From basic black for servers or other staff, to leather sneakers perfect for business casual: we’ve got your back. Shop for shoes by material or specifications, so you can take KURU comfort to work and bring home relief for your feet.

Shoes by Feature: Your Perfect Fit Awaits

We want you to be comfortable, and our innovative technology is one piece of that puzzle. While every shoe we make is engineered to offer Pain Relief Beyond Belief, we also make it easy to search for the right shoe, your way. If arch support is all that matters, or durable is the order of the day: find the right KURU for you.

Woman stands wearing KURU DRAFT slippers.

KURU GURU Footwear Fact

Unlike most flimsy flip-flops, KURU sandals support and cushion your feet for all-day comfort.

Woman stands wearing KURU DRAFT slippers.

Finding the Best Fit

Indoor shoes protect your feet around the house, and if you’re just going up the street to grab the mail a pair of slip-ons are all you need. But a hike calls for durable shoes, and cold weather makes warm shoes a top priority. Non-slip shoes are a must on slick surfaces, and low-profile kicks may look cute... until you want boots with more stability.

Find shoes comfortable enough to wear all-day, with the features you need to take on your to-do list.

Shoes by Color: Your Perfect Fit Awaits

We get it. You want to feel good. You want to hit the gym, or walk around downtown with your friends, without wincing. But wouldn’t it be nice to look good while you enjoy that sense of relief? Round out your wardrobe with options in every color, so you can be comfortable no matter your outfit!

Woman walks wearing KURU PIVOT shoes.

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You can always count on regular restocks for our core colorways, but act fast for shoes designated “Limited Edition” because once they sell out they are gone for good.

Woman walks wearing KURU PIVOT shoes.

Finding the Best Fit

From all black sneakers to meet a dress code, to a vibrant pop of color to break up a monotone uniform: you can count on KURU comfort no matter which color or style you select. We make it easy to filter shoes by specific color, and you can even find all of our Limited Edition’s for men and women in one place!

Go ahead and bookmark those Limited Edition pages! We update our most vibrant offerings regularly, and our most popular new shoes can sell out quickly.

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