Finding footwear for plantar fasciitis


Treating plantar fasciitis takes several forms, and many patients find success with conservative treatments they can do at home as part of their daily routine. There are things you can do to reduce inflammation and treat pain from plantar fasciitis, and it’s also important to stretch your plantar fascia and strengthen the muscles that surround it.

While these conservative treatments are generally successful, it can take six months or more to fully treat the symptoms of plantar fasciitis. Finding supportive, comfortable shoes can reduce the pain while you recover. More importantly, by cushioning and protecting the vulnerable parts of your feet you can put your body in the best position to heal.

If you don’t have plantar fasciitis but are at higher risk or have dealt with it before, you may want to reduce your risk of developing this common but painful condition. The right shoes can protect your plantar fascia and fat pad from stress and impact, and help guide your posture and movement toward a more natural gait.

The best shoes for plantar fasciitis will protect your heel and support your foot. Because the pain from plantar fasciitis is due to inflammation from stress and impact, you want to shield your feet from both.

Protect your plantar fascia

Whether you turn to inserts, custom orthotics or a shoe designed to address plantar fasciitis: you’ll want something that cups and cushions your heel from impact on the hard, flat surfaces you walk or stand on every day.

We bring a lot of force to bear every time we step, and our heels take the brunt of that punishment. Protect your heel with something that absorbs shock and diverts that force away from sensitive areas. Plantar fasciitis is caused by stress and impact to the plantar fascia, and effective support reduces both.

While your heel takes an outsized amount of the impact, you need to protect the rest of your foot as well. Arch support is critical, as is cushioning along the sole. Both can help prevent plantar fasciitis or protect your body while it recovers. You want to avoid going barefoot or wearing thin shoes like flip-flops or slippers, even around the house. Whatever you wear: make sure it has proper support.

Pain Relief Beyond Belief with KURU

At KURU Footwear we build unparalleled cushion and support right into every shoe we make, so you don’t have to fiddle with inserts or move expensive orthotics from shoe to shoe to suit your outfit or mood.

Our KURUSOLE doesn’t just cup your heel. The patented design allows it to dynamically flex with each step you take, cushioning your heel from impact and redirecting force away from your body. The premium foams in our KURUCLOUD midsole provide unparalleled protection and cushion, all in a lightweight package.

But KURU doesn’t just protect your heel, our ULTIMATE INSOLES use space-age materials to create a sole that custom molds to the unique shape of your foot over time. As the insoles tailor themselves to match your arches and the contours of your foot, you’ll find you’re getting support where you need it and cushion where you want it.


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