Cute Shoes for Comfort

Fashion-forward footwear with your comfort in mind.

What comes to your mind when you see or hear the words “cute shoes?” Is it bright colors and sleek styles? Or perhaps eye-catching patterns and unique designs?

Cute shoes for women and men come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. From neutrals or colorful designs to trendy styles or classic standbys, there’s no limit to what cute footwear may or should look like.

Beauty (and cuteness!) is in the eye of the beholder, after all. Regardless of how you define cute shoes, there is one thing that should remain constant: the level of cushion, support, and overall comfort the shoes provide.

That’s where KURU footwear shines. Check out our selection of very cute and comfortable shoes for the ultimate aesthetic and Pain Relief Beyond Belief.

Lady on sports wear wearing Black Kuru Shoes
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Experts Guide to Cute Shoes

What makes a cute shoe?

Cute shoes are charming footwear that feature an appealing design or appearance.

While it is important for footwear to be supportive and comfortable, a classic, trendy, or captivating style can give an extra flair to any pair of shoes.

That said, everyone has their unique definition of cute, aesthetic shoes based on their fashion sense. As a result, selecting the right cute shoes for women and cute men’s shoes for you can showcase your distinctive personality and lifestyle.

On this page, discover how to style cute popular shoes, including running shoes, shoes with good arch support, flip flops, dress shoes, and more. KURU has a wide variety of cute, trendy shoes with pain-relieving ergonomic technology built into every pair.

Top Selling Shoes

Our Customer Favorites

"Wonderful, comfy, casual sneaker

I loved everything about the Roams. Sadly, I have a very narrow heel and had to return them. I will give them 5 stars though, because they are so cute, comfortable and nicely made!!"

- AADeacon

"Excelllent fit

I am very satisified with my new Quantum Sneakers. They are very comfortable and look great. I like the color. I usually order Black. Will always buy these for walking."

- Walt106

Technology for a Natural Fit


On top of being fashionable, KURU shoes offer Pain Relief Beyond Belief. Our KURUCLOUD midsole features lightweight EVA foam that offers ample support as you walk, run, and stand. It provides shock absorption for every step to help protect your bones, joints, and ligaments.

KURU Footwear's KURUCLOUD base layer delivers superior cushion and shock-absorption with every step


You will be able to feel as good as you look with our patented KURUSOLE technology. Unlike anything else on the market, our KURUSOLE flexes with every step to dynamically protect your heel and maximize your body’s natural cushioning. The technology cups and contours to your foot shape so it feels like a gentle hug for your heels.

KURU Footwear's patented KURUSOLE technology cups your heel and dynamically flexes with each step


KURU’s cute, trendy shoes provide customized support with ULTIMATE INSOLES. Made of durable, dual-density foam, these premium insoles last longer than traditional, thin inserts and conform to the unique shape of your foot as you wear them for personalized pain relief.
KURU Footwear's ULTIMATE INSOLE features high-quality arch support and dual-density foam that molds to the shape of your feet

How To Pair Your Cute Shoes With Any Outfit

You can never go wrong with cute shoes—here’s how to make them work for any outfit.

Pair your really cute shoes with the right outfit:

– Wear high-heeled cute shoes with arch support with your gown so your feet will stay comfortable during formal events.

– Wear cute tennis shoes with chic sports attire on active days.

– Pair your cute popular shoes like boots with trendy outfits on your nights out with friends.

– Cute shoes like sandals or lace-up sneakers work great with leggings on casual days.

woman in the city wears KURU QUEST boots.

Shoe Care Tips

We take a look at helpful tips and suggestions to keep your cute footwear in tip-top form.

  • Keep your shoes in a cool, dry storage space to avoid moisture damage.
  • Use the appropriate cleaning supplies to clean your hoes based on the material they are made of.
  • Alternate wearing various pairs of shoes to help extend the life of each pair.

Trending Cute Shoes & Finding the Best Fit

From tennis shoes to boots to sandals, these shoe trends are all about being cute and comfortable.

– Cute tennis shoes add a refreshing hint of casualness to your dressy attire.

– Ankle boots can give a polished appeal to your ensemble when paired with skinny jeans or a leather jacket.

– Sandals or slip-on shoes are cute shoes to wear with leggings, whether you’re looking for a light, springy feel or a sporty, athletic look.

man and woman on the beach wearing KURU ATOM sneakers.

Why Others Love KURU

See What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

"Love my shoes!

I bought these shoes to relieve my plantar fasciitis and they are wonderful. I broke them in as instructed and they relieve my pain just as advertised. And they are so cute! Couldn’t be happier. Just ordered my second pair."

-- G.B.

"Looks great feels great

I suffer from achilles tendonitis and heel bursitis due to my underpronation.. I have worn the wrong shoes and boots for a long time. After doing some research I found Kuru and decided to give them a chance. I am still recovering from pain but after I wear these Chicanes, I don't have any. I'm very pleased."

-- Gabe V

"Surprisingly cute! & no more pain? Who knew!!!

I no longer dread the day ahead of me! I no longer race home to take off my shoes & get off my feet! No more inserts for me & wish I had all the money ive spent to try to help My plantar fasciitis and who knew the answer was with Kuru shoes. I’m am now a walking, talking billboard for Kuru!"

-- A. Gaz


Answers to the most frequently asked questions are just a click away.

Are your shoes considered orthopedic shoes?


While our shoes are not currently considered orthopedic by a medical standard, we have received thousands of positive reviews from customers who say their KURUs helped reduce or eliminate their foot pain.

Can I use custom orthotics with KURU shoes?


Due to the anatomical shape of the KURUSOLE, custom orthotics with a rounded heel fit best inside our shoes. If the underside of the custom orthotic (the part that sits on the footbed) is squared off, then it may not fit into our deep heel cup—which is rounded like your foot.

That said, many of our customers tell us the KURUSOLE technology offers better support and stability than they expected, and that they don't need to wear their custom orthotics with KURU shoes.

How is the arch support of KURU shoes?


KURU shoes deliver excellent arch support without the need for thick inserts or expensive, custom orthotics.

Superior arch support starts with our patented KURUSOLE technology, which delivers natural cushioning and dynamically hugs your heel with every step. Every foot is unique, and our ULTIMATE INSOLES adapt to fit your needs by using your own body heat to custom-mold to the shape of your feet over time.

The corrective nature of our superior arch support is designed to neutralize your weight distribution and place your foot in the best anatomical position. This support can take some getting used to. We suggest slowly breaking in your new shoes over the course of 2–3 weeks.

I just received a pair of your shoes and my feet are sore/hurt after wearing them. Why is that?


Some customers experience tenderness when they first start wearing a new pair of KURUs. That’s ok! Your body may need time to adjust to the new levels of anatomical support you experience with our patented KURUSOLE technology. Our shoes are also designed to mold to your unique foot shape, which takes a bit of a break-in period.

To help mitigate this, we suggest you follow our break-in procedure, including wearing your KURUs for a couple hours per day around the house in the first couple of weeks as they break in and form to your foot.



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