Best Narrow Heel Shoes

Constructed for the narrow heel, wide forefoot combination.

Ah there it goes again—your heel just slipped out of your shoe. For those with narrow heels, this can be an all-too-familiar feeling. But it doesn’t have to be with the right fit!

Sleek feet need a sleek fit. Just as too-tight shoes can negatively impact your feet, too-wide shoes can keep you from feeling truly “one” with your shoe.

Proper fitting footwear, including shoes for wide feet and narrow heels or shoes for fully narrow feet, can help support these sleek feet where it counts.

KURU offers some of the best walking shoes for narrow heels that offer stretchy uppers or adjustable straps that hug the ankle and heel for maximum support. Our patented heel-hugging KURUSOLE technology also helps your heel stay protected and secure.

Woman sitting on the grass wearing women's KURU STRIDE blue shoes
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Experts Guide to the Best Narrow Heel Shoes

What are Narrow Heels?

Narrow heels exist both in fully narrow feet and in feet in which the forefoot is wider than the heels.

If you find your heels consistently slip out of your shoes even if the shoe fits well everywhere else, you may have sleek, narrow heels.

It can be tricky to fit shoes properly to narrow heels, but not impossible! Some of the best shoes for narrow heels are those that can hug and support your foot, whether you have a narrow foot or you need shoes for a narrow heel and wide forefoot combo.

Shoes with adjustable straps like our TREAD for men and women or or stretchy uppers like the FLUX or STRIDE can help a narrow foot fit nice and snug in a shoe. The best athletic shoes for narrow heels feature either stretchy, sock-like upper or extra eyelets so you can adjust your laces to fit your foot.

Let’s unpack some of the tips and treatment options for narrow heels and features to look out for in the best men’s and best women’s walking shoes for narrow heels.

Top Selling Shoes for Narrow Heels

Our Customer Favorites

"Wide toe box with narrow heel.

“Older” feet seem to expand a bit. Not the heel though. These are perfect for lots of walking. Arch support, holds the heel with lots of soft full foot support and cushion. Great buy!"

- Zendalajane

"Comfort right out of the box

I bought these a month ago and it was as pain free as it gets. It referenced a break in period but they were great right out of the box. They do run more narrow in the mid foot and heel than a similarly sized NB. Exchange was hassle free and I plan on purchasing more from Kuru."

- Iampat

Technology for a Natural Fit


Our KURUCLOUD base layer acts as a cushioned footbed to offer padding and shock absorption with every step. This layer of lightweight EVA foam helps absorb impact to protect your joints, ligaments, and bones.

KURU Footwear's KURUCLOUD base layer delivers superior cushion and shock-absorption with every step


Our patented KURUSOLE plate features a unique design that cups and protects the heel and allows for dynamic flexion with each step. This superior support helps us use our body’s natural cushioning system: the heel’s fat pad.

KURU Footwear's patented KURUSOLE technology cups your heel and dynamically flexes with each step


The top layer of our tech trio, ULTIMATE INSOLES feature a bridge of arch support and advanced, dual-density foam. These durable, cushioned 5mm insoles provide lasting comfort no matter the width of your foot.
KURU Footwear's ULTIMATE INSOLE features high-quality arch support and dual-density foam that molds to the shape of your feet

Narrow Heel Causes & Symptoms

Learn more about the causes and symptoms of narrow heels, as well as takeaways to help determine the best treatment option.

Narrow Heels Factors and Causes

• Genetic predisposition
• Gender—women are more likely to have narrow heels

Narrow Heel Symptoms:

Heel slipping out of shoes: If you find your heels
consistently slip out of your shoe though your footwear fits in other areas, this could be an indication of narrow heels.

Foot moving around in shoe: When you have narrow feet, you may wear too-wide shoes for you, resulting in your foot not securely in place as you walk.

Your doctor will be able to provide the best pathway forward to help you with any pain associated with your narrow heels. For a few tips on treatments you can try at home, check out our Narrow Heel Treatment section below.

KURU Footwear

Narrow Heels Facts and Stats

We take a look at some facts and stats you might not have known about narrow heels.
Read on to find out more!

  • Narrow heels can result from narrow feet or can occur when the heel itself is more sleek than the rest of the foot.
  • Nearly 33% of all women have narrow feet.
  • Women’s feet are more likely than men’s to taper at the heel.
  • To help a regular shoe fit, you can add heel pads to your shoe to help remove any gaps.

Narrow Heels Treatment

Find out how to treat narrow heels, a common problem for many people. Here are a few treatment tips, including footwear recommendations.

A Few Tips for Narrow Heels Treatment:

Wear adaptable footwear: The best shoes for wide feet and narrow heels or truly narrow feet is footwear that features a wide toe box but tapered heel, additional eyelets, adjustable laces, or stretchy uppers to adapt to your unique foot shape.

Use foot pads as needed: Adding a pad under your heel or to the tongue of the shoe can help fill any gaps in your shoe for a snug feel.

Use customized shoe orthotics: For cases in which your foot is uniquely shaped, you can consider getting a custom orthotic to help your shoes fit more naturally on your feet.

A woman ties the laces of her heel support tennis shoes.

Why Others With Narrow Heels Love KURU

See What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

"Hugged foot like never before!

Had custom orthotics for 10 years, annoyed with regular shoes that weren’t deep enough, my narrow heels always slipping. Month ago had corrective surgery on right foot, desperate for a truly supportive shoe to wear to physical therapy. Right out of the box, hugged my foot like never before. Especially good for my left foot which has been swollen and hurting because of my right foot being unusable. Using crew slow braking method of a couple hours a day in shoes for a week etc. but I’m really impressed with internal construction. Paid ridiculous price at shoe company for a $150 shoe ended up with lame shoe, cheap as a $30 shoe at Walmart with a stupid insert that let it claim being an orthotic shoe Ha! This company Kuru is the real deal!! Planning on replacing a pair of shoes once a month!"

-- Raven

"So comfortable

I bought these in brown a month or so ago and loved them so much I bought them in black. I have bunions but narrow heels, so it’s difficult to find shoes that work. These are great. And I’ve had compliments."

-- Jo56

"Love this shoe

This is my third pair of this shoe in this color. I am a walker and have worn out 2 pairs. The best for my foot. I have a very narrow heel but need a roomy toe area. This shoe works. Wish there were lighter summer colors."

-- Iowa Walker


Answers to the most frequently asked questions are just a click away.

What shoes are good for narrow heels?


Good shoes for narrow heels feature adaptability to hug your feet as much as possible. Adjustable straps or laces can help you find a customized fit. If you have a wide forefoot but narrow heel, shoes that feature a wider toe box but form-fitting straps, laces, or sock-like fit in the ankle area can help your foot stay secure.

How do I fit narrow heels in shoes?


When you can’t find the perfect fit, you might want to know how to make shoes fit a narrow heel. To help a narrow heel fit better in your shoes, try adding a pad in the heel of the shoe to fill any gaps, wearing padded socks, or attaching a pad to the shoe’s tongue to keep the foot in place.

How do I know if I have a narrow heel?


If you consistently find your heels slip out of your shoes though they fit everywhere else, that can be an indicator of narrow heels. That said, narrow heels can also occur on individuals with a narrow foot, in which case narrow styles with adjustable laces or flexible uppers might work best for you.

What widths do you offer? Do you have wide or narrow widths?


At KURU, we currently offer standard and wide widths. While we do not currently offer a narrow width, some of our styles emphasize a sock-like, stretchy upper or adjustable straps, which can help narrow heels since they hug and support the whole foot.



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