Mountain Biking Shoes

Engineered to provide superior comfort and performance while you ride.

When you’re flying down a trail on your mountain bike, the last thing you’ll want to think about is your shoes. Superior performance on the trail starts with superior footwear.

Wearing high-quality mountain biking shoes for women and men can help reduce the risk of your feet slipping off the pedals. Sticky rubber outsoles and high-quality arch support can keep your feet comfortable and stable for long days on your bike.

No matter the terrain—uphill or downhill, rocky or smooth—you’ll have better control of your bike with mountain bike riding shoes. Be sure to only pick and ride with the best mountain bike shoes for the best results.

KURU’s line of outdoor shoes feature traction-heavy outsoles, durable materials, and our pain-relieving supportive technology for a stable, comfortable ride.

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Experts Guide to Mountain Biking Shoes

What are Mountain Biking Shoes?

Men’s and women’s mountain biking shoes are specifically engineered for the demands of mountain biking. They feature grippy rubber outsoles and durable materials for lasting performance. Whether you’re an amateur or professional, mountain biking (MTB) shoes can help you perform at your best.

There are generally three types of mountain bike shoes: flat pedal, flat clipless, and clipless MTB shoes. The type you pick often depends on personal preference and mountain biking experience.

On this page, we’ll focus on MTB shoes for flat pedals without clips. The best women’s and men’s mountain biking shoes for clipless pedals are those with sticky rubber outsoles and water resistance for traction even in wet conditions. You’ll also want plenty of support and cushion as you transition from sitting to standing on your bike.

KURU’s line of outdoor shoes can help you stay stable and comfortable on the trail with plenty of traction, wide toe boxes, durable materials, and built-in arch support.

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Our Customer Favorites

"Perfect For Hiking, Biking & Fishing

I'm super outdoorsy and wanted to get a pair of multi-purpose boots I could wear during all my outdoor sports. The QUEST boots definitely fit the bill. They are lightweight, easy to clean, stylish and appropriate for hiking, biking & fishing in all 4 seasons. I love the ruggedness of the boot too! They pretty much go with every activity I do! Highly recommend!"

- Angelica In The City

"My favorite shoe

This is the best built, most comfortable shoe in my closet. In fact, I just bought another pair in case they become unavailable or wear out. But so far, after almost a year, the Quantum shows no signs of wear and tear. I use them on trails up mountains, for staying comfy around friends houses, for playing golf, for biking, etc. The build quality is amazing! I did replace the liner with a somewhat stronger arch support. But I do that with all my shoes anyway, no big deal."

- Peter P

Technology for a Natural Fit


When riding your mountain bike, you constantly push down hard on your pedals as you gain speed and momentum. That’s why our KURUCLOUD base layer is essential for outdoor shoes. Made of lightweight EVA foam, KURUCLOUD offers cushion and bounce to keep you comfortable and offers shock absorption to protect your bones, joints, and ligaments.

KURU Footwear's KURUCLOUD base layer delivers superior cushion and shock-absorption with every step


Your heel is a vital part of your foot that works hard along with your whole foot as you pedal on your mountain bike. Our patented KURUSOLE shoe technology cups your heel and dynamically flexes with your movement. KURUSOLE effectively redirects stress and helps guide your body to a more healthy alignment.

KURU Footwear's patented KURUSOLE technology cups your heel and dynamically flexes with each step


When you step into a pair of KURUs, the first point of contact with your feet is our ULTIMATE INSOLES. Unlike thin, traditional inserts that simply offer some extra cushion, our insoles strategically blend areas of softness and firmness for superior arch support. ULTIMATE INSOLES are made of durable polyurethane foam to keep you going all day on the mountain.
KURU Footwear's ULTIMATE INSOLE features high-quality arch support and dual-density foam that molds to the shape of your feet

How to Choose Mountain Biking Shoes

Wondering how to choose the best mountain biking sneakers for you? Our KURU GURUs outline how to select the perfect pair.

There are four main aspects to consider when selecting mountain biking shoes: the right kind of sole for you, the right kind of closure, important features, and the right fit for your feet.

The type of sole is crucial for the terrain that you’re going to traverse. The closure system will determine comfort, safety, and convenience, including boa (most expensive/fastest), ratchet/velcro, velcro, and laces (cheapest/slowest).

Features like waterproofing, additional protection, ventilation, and sole material will increase the quality of your shoes. And of course, the right fit will increase comfort and help prevent injury.

Comfort, safety, convenience, high-quality materials, and performance—these are some elements to look for in a pair of mountain biking shoes. A high-quality pair of shoes can help you keep your focus off your feet and on the frail.

A man riding a bicycle in the middle of a tree-lined road wearing brown KURU CHICANE trail hiking shoes

Cycling Shoe Maintenance and Care

How To Keep Your Mountain Biking Shoes in Tip-Top Shape.

Taking care of your MTB shoes can be simple.

If your pair is dusty or dirty from the ride, simply wipe them with a damp cloth. If your shoes are full of mud and crusted dirt, be sure to wash them more thoroughly.

First, remove the insoles and loosen the buckles and laces or velcro straps, then soak a wet cloth with mild dishwashing soap and rinse away the dirt. Then scrub it using a soft brush with special attention to the cleats and buckles.

After cleaning them, leave them out to dry, away from sunlight. Remember to never leave your shoes near any heated surface (or source) or in the dryer.

Types of Mountain Biking Shoes & Finding the Best Fit

Learn More About the Types of Mountain Biking Shoes, Their Features, and How To Find the Right Fit.

There are generally three types of mountain bike shoes: flat pedal, flat clipless, and clipless MTB shoes.

Flat pedal shoes are best for enduro, all-mountain, downhill, and dirt jump riders while flat clipless shoes are best for enduro, all-mountain, downhill, and trail rides. Clipless shoes are best for cross country and trail rides.

Mountain biking shoes should offer a snug fit without pain or discomfort. Each shoe should have at least a finger-width gap between the end of your toes and the end of the shoe. Always wear appropriate cycling socks when trying to fit MTB shoes for the most accurate fit.

A man and a woman riding their bicycles in the middle of the road

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"Like walking on air!

I bought these shoes in response to a terrible case of plantar fasciitis and bone spurs on both feet. I found them by a simple google search and typed in 'best shoes for bone spurs.' I bought the quantum in yellow and when I got them, could not believe how stylish they are. I LOVE these shoes. I alternate between these and the Chicane style. These are lighter weight than the Chicane and truly ease the aches and pains of my feet. I use these more for cycling on a recumbent bike and for everyday use. I would definitely buy a second pair of this style and there are great colors to choose from. I have told my family and friends about these and will likely buy a pair for my dad in the future as a gift. Thank you for making such great, therapeutic shoes!!"

-- Kristine

"Outdoor Comfort

I really love these shoes for my outdoor activities from mowing lawn to walking the trails to mountain biking. Comfort and relief from plantar fasciitis."

-- Brad

"Great shoes so far

I just bought these about two weeks ago and wore them at first inside for a few days, Felt weird at first, but they are starting to mold to my feet and be very comfortable. They remind me of my old skate shoes, mixed with a slipper. I wear them a little loosely tied and they are like slippers. I wore them on my mt. bike and they work well, I didnt even notice them! Customer service is pretty awesome, I accidentally ordered two pairs and they were able to catch them midstream and quickly refunded the double payment. Texted with them and super responsive! Now I am wishing I kept the second pair! At least now I know these are awesome and the wides are perfect well used splayed out feet! I will be getting mesh ones for this summer. Heels are pretty awesome too, was starting to get heel pain off and on over years, certain shoes, etc..but now I avoid it getting worse! (I have the size 7W grey and lavender leather Chicanes)"

-- Tsuki and Meko


Answers to the most frequently asked questions are just a click away.

What kind of shoe is best for mountain biking?


The best shoe for mountain biking will depend on your experience level, the terrain you want to traverse, and the type of pedal on your bike. In general, a high-quality mountain biking shoe includes grippy rubber outsoles for traction, durable materials for lasting use, water-resistance for wet conditions, and adequate arch support for all-day comfort.

Can you wear sneakers mountain biking?


While you can wear sneakers while mountain biking, they may not provide the traction, sturdiness, and durability needed for your best performance. Outdoor shoes that feature grippy rubber outsoles can work even better to meet the demands of mountain biking.

Can you wear hiking boots for mountain biking?


While you can wear sneakers while mountain biking, they may not provide the traction, pedaling efficiency, and durability needed for your best performance. Outdoor shoes that feature grippy rubber outsoles can work even better to meet the demands of mountain biking.



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