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Verywell Fit - KURU Footwear - Reviews Coverage
Verywell Fit - KURU Footwear - Reviews Coverage
Verywell Fit - KURU Footwear - Reviews Coverage
Verywell Fit - KURU Footwear - Reviews Coverage

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Wow! I’m an ER nurse and I have never been more impressed. I have worn Brooks, ASICS, Nike, Dansko, you name it - I’ve worn them! But these have been amazing since day 1. I walk about 1,000 steps a shift at work and cannot believe how well they felt from starting my first shift in them. I will never go back to anything other than KURU. I highly recommend these!

07/14/22 - Nikki D.

These have been the best shoes for a job that requires being on my feet for 8+ hours per day… plantar fasciitis & ankle pain both are greatly improved by wearing these shoes. I’m about to order my 6th pair :)

07/14/22 - KPReed

I ordered this pair last school year. I had constant plantar fasciitis prior to ordering this shoe. I wore them every school day, 10,000+ steps per day, and my feet healed and I have not had any foot/heel pain at all. I ordered another pair In a different style to try them.

08/01/22 - S. Gillihan

I have plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis, tenosynovitis, and heel Spurs, needless to say my feet ACHE after a 12 hour shift at the hospital. I was skeptical to buy these shoes but I thought it was worth a try. I LOVE THEM!!!!! I wore them on vacation to St Augustine where I did a tremendous amount of walking and I had no pain in my feet. I also ordered the sandals with the buckles on the side and they are just as comfortable. I will be ordering more.

006/17/22 - Laramee C.

I have heel spurs and have had plantar fasciitis. Also have a torn foot tendon and hip problems. I was hoping these shoes might be an answer so I could enjoy walking again. And YES...they are. So super comfortable and stylish too. Thank you. I'm glad I took a chance and ordered them.

06/24/19 - Harp Gal