Why Kuru?

We can’t wait to see what your talent can do for KURU, but we’re betting you want to know what KURU can do for you.

Why Work at Kuru?

If you want to change the world without taking yourself too seriously, we may just be sole mates. Most people will deal with foot pain of some kind during their life, and we’re here to help! We aim to unleash the joy of movement for our customers so they can live their best lives, and that commitment to being the best extends to what we expect from our team—and what our team can expect from KURU.

Find great employee perks, fantastic people and a chance to change the world at KURU Footwear

Competitive Benefits

Love what you do

If you do what you love you’ll never work a day in your life, but that can be as much about the culture and fit as about the career path. We know we’re here on this Earth to do more than sell shoes, and we strive to create an atmosphere where we empower our employees and then get out of their way. You’ll set goals and chase dreams, but we aren’t here to babysit or micromanage the expertise you bring to the table. With a fully stocked kitchen and Nintendo Switch in the break room for MarioKart tournaments, we make it easy to catch your breath and catch up with your colleagues.

Feel empowered and supported when you join our winning team

Find the Balance

We want you to succeed, and we recognize a healthy work-life balance is a crucial part of the equation. As much excitement as we have for what you achieve in the workplace, we are even more thrilled to see you grow and thrive in your personal life. One example is the KURU Life Goals Sabbatical Program, which allots extra vacation time and even a stipend at 3, 6, and 9 years with the company. So go pursue the things that inspire you, and then come back refreshed and rejuvenated. This mentality extends to managers who are more focused on how you’re doing than when and where you’re doing it.

Find work-life balance when you join our winning team

Cover the Bases

Culture is crucial, but as far as brass tacks we go beyond the basics. KURU benefits include medical, dental and vision as well as employer contributions into a Health Savings Account. We offer both group and voluntary life insurance, as well as short and long-term disability. A generous 401K match helps plot a path for your future, while our Employee Assistance Program is here to help you with the obstacles that come up along the way. We don’t work on major holidays and offer a generous PTO allotment each year. Oh, and did we mention free shoes? We load your account with enough KURU Cash for two or three pairs each year on your hire date.

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But don’t take our word for it

KURU Paid Search Manager, Aimee Larsen, tells us about her experience at KURU Footwear

"I am confident I can go to a coworker and ask for help and they never act put out or like it ‘isn’t their job,’ which is something I experienced at other companies. Everyone is committed to getting positive results and doing anything they can to achieve those."

- Aimee Larsen, KURU Paid Search Manager.