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The Best Diabetic Shoes

Foot sensitivity, poor circulation, and skin breakdowns are all characteristic of diabetic foot pain. On top of this, poorly supported shoes contribute to foot pain and can even worsen conditions. It may come as a surprise, but these painful symptoms can be effectively managed with orthopedic footwear that supports every part of the foot.

Imagine an innovative anatomical footbed that, by design, offers an adaptable shape to mold to your individual foot! No need for costly orthotic inserts.

KURU diabetic shoes adapt to your foot and change shape as you walk, providing extraordinary cushioning and flexibility that reflect the natural movement of the bare foot. This transforming design is so stylish and versatile, you’ll look forward to putting on your shoes.

Now there’s an exciting solution to get you walking pain free.

KURU Shoes
What Makes KURU Diabetic Shoes Great?

Premium Support- The innovative HEELKRADL™ technology flexes and cups the heel unlike any other shoe. This design is reinforced in the arch to offer the stability of a cushioned platform for the whole foot.

KURU Shoes vs Flat Shoes Heel Fat Pad Comparison

Our podiatrist recommended shoes feature a foam sockliner designed around the unique contours of your individual feet. KURUSOLE™ technology has been developed with input from Physical Therapists, Podiatrists, and Pedorthists to create a versatile shoe that supports each part of your foot better.

Transforming Comfort - The KURUSOLE™ cushions the heel in a way that compliments the body’s natural cushioning in the fat pad of the heel. Special flex grooves increase flexibility in the forefoot for a barefoot-like feel.

Healthy and Natural Shape- A broader forefoot region allows the toes to naturally splay as the foot swells. This provides essential flexibility to keep the toes from cramping and won’t hinder the circulation in your feet.

Go Anywhere Versatility- Multiple levels of support in the arch, plantar fascia, and forefoot encourage a more neutral foot position so you can confidently walk across any surface. Breathable, water resistant fabric offers lasting protection to keep your feet comfortably dry and free of pain everywhere you go.


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Miracle Shoes - I have been dealing with plantar's foot for over a year and back pain and surgery for 30 years. This past year I had gained over my limit in weight and became pre-diabetic. Since buying these shoes the relief from plantar's foot and back pain is incredible. i am back to the gym, walking my dogs and not pre-diabetic any longer.


Most Comfortable and Supportive Shoes - I am a Respiratory Therapist that is on her feet anywhere from 12 to 14 hours per day. I wear support socks along with medical orthotics. Since purchasing these shoes, they have been the most comfortable and supportive shoes that I have owned. In fact, these shoes were so supportive that I did not have to place my orthotics in the insole. They give support where I need them. I also suffer from diabetic neuropathy in my feet. These shoes have supplied me with the most comfort and I have not had to use my orthotics. Thank you guys so much for answering my foot prayers. You guys have a customer for life.

Cushioned and Comfortable - I bought these shoes because I have diabetic neuropathy. They are comfortable and my feet and legs do not tire as easily and pain is reduced.


With KURU shoes you can do more with the knowledge that your shoes will always offer outstanding comfort and support other shoes simply won’t. Don’t spend a fortune on custom orthotics and insoles. Find premium comfort and support in a single shoe.

Your life can't be put on hold because of foot pain. Get the support you deserve and feel better today.

The Best.

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