Mens shoes for flat feet. An extra-cushioned footbed to support low arches.

Men's Shoes for Flat Feet

If your entire foot touches the floor when you stand, you’re probably one of millions of men with a common condition called flat feet. Flat feet occur when your arches don’t develop normally during childhood, or sometimes after injury or as a result of wear and tear.

Not everyone with flat feet experiences symptoms, but flat feet can lead to pain—especially in the heel or arches of your feet. Many men turn to arch supports or expensive custom-orthotics to treat pain from flat feet.

Instead, imagine a shoe built from the ground-up to support you. Our patented KURUSOLE technology hugs your heels and dynamically flexes to cushion each step. ULTIMATE INSOLES are rigid and soft in all the right places, and the space-age materials mold to the unique shape of your foot over time.

Try one of these supportive styles today, and step into Pain Relief Beyond Belief.

These shoes are AWESOME!!!!

5 stars

"I am a medical student so I do a lot of walking and standing. As a person with flat feet, I was getting knee pain and arch pain with my other professional shoes. These shoes are extremely comfortable and look professional enough to use in this setting. They are still in the process of breaking in and molding to my feet, but already they are extremely comfortable and I enjoy putting them on in the morning."

-Anish P.

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  1. Chicane - Empire Steel - Black - Basalt - 9.5


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