Men's Active Shoes

They're fit to move. Get to know our fleet of active-day shoes, whether you're sticking downtown, dropping by the gym, or just out and about. Each has built-in KURUSOLE technology to hug your foot's natural shape and support your natural biomechanics.


We're excited to introduce you to the ATOM—an athletic shoe that's as dynamic as it is crazy comfortable. This performance foot health shoe can take you from the gym to the office and everywhere in between making it a must have in your arsenal of shoes.


The QUANTUM packs the performance in. This athletic trainer is amazing for walking, hitting the gym, taking a jog, or anything else that gets your muscles moving. With its super-supportive sole, breathable mesh, and a solid grip, there's nothing you can't do.


Meet your most supportive hiking buddy: the CHICANE keeps your feet comfy for mile after mile of refreshing trail time. The shoe's design curves around your foot's natural shape, both on the inside and the outside, with a lacing system that enhances the perfect fit.