What widths do you offer? Do you have wide or narrow widths?

All of our styles are offered in Medium (Standard) width. The product description pages include fit sizing notes along with width notes.

Our sizes are based on the Brannock device, which is that metal measuring plate you can find in most shoe stores. If you are unsure which size or width you need, we highly recommend getting your foot measured.


  • Medium: B
  • Wide: C+ (Other brands may label their wide shoes as CC, 2C, W, or just C.)

    We currently do not offer narrow (A or smaller) width. We do have some styles that are slightly slimmer, however they are still considered medium width. If you'd like to know more about these styles, please contact one of our KURU Gurus for help.


  • Medium: D
  • Wide: E+ (Other brands may label their wide shoes as EE, 2E, W, or just E.)

    We currently do not offer double-wide or larger. If you wear 4E or anything wider than that, our sizes might not be the right fit for you.

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