How Do I Determine My Shoe Size?

Unfortunately, shoes are not measured by inches/centimeters/etc. There are too many variables that go into account for footwear other than absolute length. The size of shoes is really determined by a combination of length, volumes, instep height, toe shape, and other variables. With that being said we try to make our shoes fit as True to Size as possible.

We would recommend buying based on your most common shoe size. Another option would be to buy a couple of sizes to try on and keep the one that fits the best. Measuring your foot on the Brannock device at a local shoe store is another touch point to getting an accurate fit. I would recommend ordering the size that you typically wear in a similar style of shoe. For example: If you are looking at one of our sneakers, we would recommend buying the size that you typically buy in a fitness shoe.

KURU cannot provide an accurate size recommendation based on inches, centimeters, or a foot drawing. We do offer Free Returns/Exchanges in the domestic US, and shipping on all of our footwear to ensure you can try them on first to make sure you are soulmates.