Which shoe is best for me?

KURU Shoes offer a revolutionary technology that has transformed the lives of thousands. By offering unprecedented support, KURU promises comfort that surpasses every shoe you've ever worn.

Since all of our shoes include this amazing technology, you can have the confidence that you will be getting the support and comfort you need, regardless of which style you purchase.

When selecting a style to purchase, focus on how you plan on wearing the shoes? What kind of temperatures, climate, or application do you need? The answers to these questions should drive your purchasing decision.

Generally, shoes with laces are better if you plan on wearing them outside, or if you are on your feet for long periods of time, or if you plan on walking a lot in them. Slip-on style shoes are usually best for casual applications, around the house, or running errands across town.

Regardless of which shoe you end up purchasing, you'll quickly realize how a shoe can transform your life.


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