Does KURU have any sales, coupons, or discounts?

We have just introduced a very exciting SALE RACK to our site for the first time! When we make too much of a shoe, you win! We are offering select women styles at 40% off with free returns + free exchanges. The reason we don't currently have Men's styles available is we don't currently have an overstock in any specific style, once we do they will be in there. Please see the link down below to see the current styles offered.



Can't find what you love in our KURU SALES RACK? Don't worry we offer our KURU CASH REWARDS PROGRAM to say thank you to our repeat buyers. Basically how it works is anytime you place an order with us you earn 5% back in the form of KURU CASH REWARDS (in-store credit) that you can then apply towards any future account with us. There are more ways to earn that you can read by going to the following link


We do run promotions where at times we give much more than 5% back. Being signed up for our newsletter and checking out our site are the best ways to be alerted when we are running a promotion for our KURU CASH REWARDS.

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