What shoe or style works best for plantar fasciitis/heel pain?

Any of our shoes can potentially help with plantar fasciitis and/or heel pain. Since every style we offer is built with our patented KURUSOLE™ technology, you get the same exceptional support and all-day comfort no matter what you choose.

The only real difference between each of our shoes is the style itself. Whether you pick shoes, boots, or sandals, you get awesome heel and arch support for maximum comfort and longevity whether you're running, standing, walking on concrete, or adventuring in the great outdoors. We get a lot of great feedback from customers with a full range of foot conditions because our footwear is biomechanically correct (i.e. it fits your foot's natural shape), which helps with full body-health, starting with your feet. You can read more about our unique technology benefits by going to our technology page.

If you suffer from any other foot conditions, we recommend contacting our KURU Gurus for further suggestions.

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